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Although still in its start-up phase, the StoryLabs Network has nearly 150 members of which 40+ are mentors.

It is free to join the network and begin connecting (in far more meaningful and deeper ways than traditional Facebook or Directory type networks) with some of the best creators in the world.

The network includes:

  • A member and growing mentor profile directory
  • Projects submitted and being discussed privately under Mutual NDA
  • Various groups to join and discuss publicly and privately
  • Postings on a range of new storytelling and transmedia topics
  • A complete rating, internal mail and friending system
  • A good mix of forums, status updates and activity

The site is in phase two development and phase three (built on Drupal vs WordPress/Buddypress) to be launched early in the new year will feature the most comprehensive consultant and mentor directory yet seen across multi platform storytelling sites.

The network is currently being updated and will be available around 8 Sep – for now if you want to submit a project for online mentoring then click here

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