Jul 252006

Double the Fist
Tagline: Fistworthy(adj): Brave, tough, suicidally, reckless or a combination of all three. The desire for fistworthiness is what drives the show’s host and contestants.
LAMP Lab: July 2006

LAMP IV Photo C Gleeson
Target platforms: Internet, mobile, games
Project description: Double The Fist is a high-octane special effects fuelled cross platform
comedy, experienced by weak and pathetic users around the world – via TV, Internet and any other mobile device that you can think of. This ironic celebration of lowbrow testosterone culture is dedicated to the self-improvement of millions of piss-weak punters around the globe, through the reckless endangerment of self and others. Steve Foxx and this team take weak everyday activities and transform them into Fistworthy challenges. Double the Fist is a global entity with a large fan base, aged between 15 and 35. They’re young, tech-savvy and desperate for more fistworthy content. We’re meeting their needs with an exciting expansion of the Fist brand into cross-media platforms, creating a space where they can engage with us and with each other inside the world of Fist.



team photo to follow…

Team Members
Jason Harty – Producer
Doug Bayne – Director
Craig Anderson – Writer/Editor
Guardian Mentor: –Jim Shomos
Fistworthy Pty Ltd © 2006

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  1. I love Double the Fist (i’m listening to the soundtrack as I write this) so I can’t wait for whatever the hell you’re doing to be completed and available.



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