LAMP 01 – Residential Oct 2005

My Apartment

  • An interactive drama about lives in an Australian apartment block
  • Tagline: “Play a part, be a part”
  • Company: News Interactive
  • Target platforms: Linear TV, mobile and Broadband PC
  • Project description: The apartment is a place where you […]

Your Perfect Partner

  • Live and interactive dating game show
  • Tagline: “Tune in, play along and find your perfect partner”
  • Target platforms: TV, Interactive TV, Online and Mobile
  • Project description: Ever wanted to find your perfect match? Or see how compatible you are with your current partner? Your Perfect Partner begins with a live gala TV event […]

Project Greenlight Australia 2

  • Take part in a rich media script and film review broadband portal and win the chance to be part of the action
  • Tagline: “Go on a unique and intimate journey with a first-time moviemaker, as they make a $1,000,000 Australian feature film”
  • Company: Movie Network Channels
  • Target platforms: Linear and broadband TV
  • Project […]

Insect Men from the First Dimension

  • A unique non-linear sci-fi drama/comedy
  • Tagline: “Let’s get the brain back together”
  • Company: IM1D
  • Target platforms: Broadband PC, Mobile, Locative media
  • Project description: The world’s first GILM (game/film). Insect Men From the First Dimension is an online investigative game in which players trawl the web salvaging the memories as short film […]

Read with me! Play with me!

  • A pre-school parental led reading and simple games service
  • Tagline: “Words and games for pre-literate children with their parents”
  • Company: Ariel Productions
  • Target platforms: TV, Broadband and interactive TV/Interactive TV, online, mobile screens, DVD
  • Project description: Read with me, play with me is an electronic picture-book series based on the adventures […]

The Sum of our Parts

  • A viewer centric talk show about the lives of ordinary Australians
  • Tagline: “Three lives, three perspectives, one family story”
  • Company:AFTRS
  • Target platforms: TV, Interactive TV and mobile
  • Project description: Sum of our parts is an emotional journey to the heart of Australian family life. Following a talk show in which families explore […]

Hit it!

  • A cross-platform, participatory musical drama for teenagers
  • Tagline: “Satisfy the creative spirit”
  • Company:mememe
  • Target platforms: TV, interactive TV, online, mobile, DVD, merchandise
  • Project description: HitIt is led by a 26part, 24 minute TV show. Viewers can use the broadband online site to use musical tools and create their own music, take part in song-writing competitions […]

Georgiana Molloy

  • A cross-media docu-drama about an early Australian settler
  • Tagline: “Immersion into the world of Georgiana Molloy who lived, loved and learned”
  • Company:Jag Films
  • Target platforms: TV, broadband PC
  • Project description: An emotive story about a soon to be Australian icon. Follow Georgiana’s route from Scotland to Australia, her settler diaries, botanical notes and her insights […]

LAMP 02 – Residential Dec 2005


  • Tagline: “Ordinary stories, extraordinary journeys”
  • Target platforms: TV, Broadband and Mobile
  • Project description: Every Day is delivered on free to air tv, and on broadband to both tv and pc. In its linear form, it’s an engaged, revealing 5 minute peep into the seemingly ordinary parts of people’s lives, lives whose connections will be […]

Jarrod Reckons

  • He reckons
  • Tagline: “Not settling for what’s expected.”
  • Target platforms: TV, Broadband and Mobile
  • Project description: Jarrod has no idea what to do with his life and wants to share his story. The Jarrod reckons project is a fun and inspiring transmedia look at different ‘life dilemmas’ people have found themselves in at various […]

Spicks and Specks

  • A fast, funny, furious ride through musical history
  • Tagline: “Don’t just answer the quiz be one of the questions!”
  • Target platforms: TV, Broadband and Mobile
  • Project description: Spicks and Specks interactive proposes fun and exciting new ways for audiences to engage with the hit music trivia TV show. The online presence invites viewers […]

Auntie’s Kitchen

  • History of cookery in Australia
  • Tagline: ” What’s for sweets love? Who will cook the roast? Who’s whipping up the pav, who’s baking the scones?
  • Target platforms: TV, Broadband and Mobile
  • Project description: Dip into a rapidly disappearing world where ovens ran on wood and a slow cooking wasn’t a fad, it […]

The News you Want

  • Personalized News
  • Tagline: “The news you want, when you want, how you want ”
  • Target platforms: TV, Broadband and Mobile
  • Project description: My News Service is about the news you want, where you want, when you want it. As you browse and view the available content whether it is local, national, busines […]

Gardening Australia

  • Interactive journey through Australia’s Garden and Gardeners
  • Tagline: “Bloomin’ marvellous gardening advice”
  • Target platforms: TV, Broadband and Mobile
  • Project description: This project extends the Gardening Australia program by creating online, mobile and iTV components to make Gardening Australia the leading destination for gardening reference information. The prototype allows viewers to access the show’s […]

LAMP 03 – Residential May 2006

Qlife Global

  • Tagline: “Next-generation web experience for niche market social interaction”
  • Target platforms: Broadband TV/PC and Mobile
  • Project description: QLIFEGLOBAL is an on-line interactive social network featuring multi-platform video-on-demand channels for and by individuals and members of worldwide Queer communities. It will feature user-rated reviews of lifestyle, travel and entertainment and broadband On-Demand channels for […]

Global Youth Futures

  • Tagline: “Online community for young people who are interested in the future”
  • Target platforms: Broadband TV/PC and Mobile
  • Project description: Global Youth Futures (GYF) is an online community for young people who are interested in the future. It is a website containing an interactive parliament for discussing World issues that affect the […]


  • Tagline: “Meet friends, make art, or just hang ”
  • Target platforms: Mobile, Broadband PC and real life
  • Project description: nest is an imaginative and playful digital locale where teenagers come to connect, create, and stay up to date with whatever people their age are doing elsewhere in the world. nest uses an innovative interface […]

Bush TV

  • Tagline: “Australian Indigenous new media hub”
  • Target platforms: TV, mobile and Broadband PC/TV
  • Project description: The Bush TV global broadband portal will create serious online media and production enterprise opportunities for Indigenous content producers, complimenting our already nationally established BUSH TV series on SBS and ABC. Target platforms are Broadband linear to TV, […]

Protected: The 4th World

Protected: Scorched

Protected: Is Your House Killing You?

LAMP 04 – Residential Jul 2006


  • Target platforms: Broadband PC, cards, DVD and mobile
  • Project description: Designed as a cross media and cross platform experience for primary school aged children, ‘Totemon’ is an interactive locative and online game, a dvd game, and has a trading card, quest element. Informed by Aboriginal culture, […]

SGC – SecretGirlsClub

  • Tagline: “An interactive virtual clubhouse community exclusive to girls aged 10 to 14. Users gain right of entry by completing an initiation game, ‘MIA’. The Secret Girls’ Club empowers young girls as they learn, share and play.”

Get in the Car

  • Tagline: Get in the Car! with Zeit-guide Monica Main and allow her to chauffeur you out of the cul de sacs of life towards the broader, more luscious landscapes of the bent mind.


  • Tagline: “Build Your Own Human Being”
  • Target platforms: Web, Virtual Environments, Broadband TV, IPTV, Mobile
  • Project description: ‘Emergence’ is an innovative cross-platform work in which users are given the chance to collectively build their ideal human being. Once genetic engineering has perfected the manipulation of physical characteristics, it will turn its sights onto the […]


  • Tagline: “Why move when you can groove.”
  • Target platforms: Online community (broadband), TV, Mobile
  • Project description: Ü demystifies dance by introducing a group of everyday people to a diverse range of wild dances and drives their personal transformation to the ultimate rhythmic experience – natural ecstasy. Ü is the ultimate cross media experience: it […]

Double the Fist

  • Tagline: Fistworthy(adj): Brave, tough, suicidally, reckless or a combination of all three. The desire for fistworthiness is what drives the show’s host and contestants.
  • Target platforms: Internet, mobile, games
  • Project description: Double The Fist is a high-octane special effects fuelled cross platform
  • comedy, experienced by weak and pathetic users around the world – […]

AFTRS Media Lab

  • Tagline: “A collaborative media space where AFTRS interacts with the creative community”
  • Target platforms: Online community; broadband PC; mobile
  • Project description: AFTRS Media Lab is where the walls of the school disappear. An online resource and collaborative space, it invites you to move from passive consumption to active production and participation.

The Ministry of Truth

  • Tagline: “Kill Your Television”
  • Target platforms: Online community, IPTV, free-to-air TV, mobile
  • Project description: Like a hair ball stuck in the throat of the corporate media, the Ministry Of Truth says: KILL YOUR TELEVISION! creates subversive media comprised of entirely contrasting segments no longer than 5 minutes each. Diverse, slick, […]

LAMP 05 – Residential Oct 2006

Cecil Prince of Love

  • Project description: is an online space where an audience of 15-24 year olds can explore the meaning of love through the hilarious dilemmas of Cecil Brown and his sister Cecelia. The weekly short-form mockumentary drama series ends with a cliff-hanger, which invites the audience to influence the story line, share experiences and vote for […]

The Abbey

  • Project description: Ever wanted to really know what it is to be a nun inside an Abbey? This media space allows you to engage with ABC TV’s The Abbey series and enables the audience to experience the Abbey through their own personal journey.

The Deep Sleep

  • Project description: The Deep Sleep is an interactive neo-noir mystery set in the animated world of 15 year old narcoleptic dunce, Lemmy Cue. When Lemmy unearths a shocking crime that he may or may not have committed, our 15-25 year old audience must uncover clues and solve the mystery. This 13 x 5 minute weekly […]


  • Project description: An exciting comedy show broadcast live from inside a virtual world. In World will allow viewers to appear on TV as their 3D avatars and also submit mashed-up video, music, chat and games.

Sold in Sixty Seconds

  • Project description: Sick of fake, annoying, over-hyped commercials? Think you can make a better ad? Sold in Sixty Seconds is a cross media experience and user generated community that sets the challenge for amateur filmmakers to make the most memorable 60 second ad for a popular brand. At stake, is the reward to see the […]

Urban Anarchy

  • Project description: A unique cross-media exploration of urban art and street culture. Alongside short videos and documentaries the online element features a virtual city block. The audience can contribute by submitting street art or creating art with the online tools.

City Games

  • Project description: The city is a playground in which players use their mobile phones and other portable devices to receive cryptic rich media clues via SMS, voicemail, podcasts, video downloads, and a dedicated website. These clues give rise to an interactive treasure hunt that can also be played out simultaneously in an identical virtual world.

LAMP 06 – Residential Jun 2007

Thursday’s Fictions

  • Project description: You’ll Never Have Another Week Like This One! In order to enter the world of Thursday’s Fictions, you must respond the following “You have five minutes left to live. It is always said that you can’t take it with you, but what if you could? What would you take with […]

Tell Tales

  • Project description: You are your own adventure. A new web-based writing game in which the participants develop their own take on the mystery story that they are presented with.


  • Project description: Take the pulse of the city through the wrists of writers, using sms. This is an entirely new service that builds upon the strengths and flexibility of mobile, locative, and social networking technologies, applied uniquely via collaborative inputs from a network of writers. p.u.l.s.e is an innovative collaborative writing project that explores the […]

Mondo Froggo

  • Project description: Fun and frolics with three feisty frogs in a swamp.” Animation, interactive TV show which is a combination of adventure, story and game.


  • Project description: Everyone has something to hide! The Parcel is an interactive cross-media murder mystery series set in the virtual community of Middlemania against the backdrop of the local council elections

Killer Gene

  • Project description: Killer Gene – who should control the code of life itself? An ARG based around the disappearance of a genetic scientist.

Get Carla!

  • Project description: A beautiful girl is on the run with 100 grand. Do you help her… Or turn her in?” An alternate reality game driven by a “true story” of a kidnapping that is an extension of a short film scheduled for shooting June 2007


  • Project description: A New World. A daring crusade. All in the name of friendship and freedom! CAPTIVE is a fun and exciting quest based online RPG for primary school children centred around British and Australian convict heritage in the 1820’s, taking history lessons into a whole new dimension… fun!

LAMP 07 – Residential Nov 2007

Faction Comics – NSW

  • Tagline: Where the comic world comes to create, share and rate.
  • Project Description: Faction comics is a global online comic community with ongoing user generated publications.
  • Target Media: Web, Mobile, Film/TV

Detective Dale – TAS

  • Tagline: In a town with no hope, one no hoper dares to hope.
  • Project Description: Interactive crime/courtroom drama set in the sleepy backwater town of Jordanville “The Best Place in Tasmania to Live, Work and Play”. Rich local characters and relatively strange going’s on create an enigma spread across the web including […]

Stalker’s Ink – QLD

  • Tagline: Decent Obsession’s
  • Project Description: An online social networking service for romantic adventurists to facilitate magic, mystery and unique romantic experiences in the real world.
  • Target Media: Web, Mobile, Locative Environments

Wild Ark – VIC

  • Tagline: Alice in Wonderland meets Noah’s Ark: A journey through the wild habitats of the globe that begins in the palm of your hand and inspires you to act!
  • Project Description: Wild Ark is a multi-platform wildlife experience that transcends the zoo walls. At the zoo, kids set out on the Wild […]

What If? – NSW

  • Tagline: Breathes life into literature, taking classic narratives to new realms of possibility.
  • Project Description: What if? is Shakespeare and other literary texts taught in a virtual interactive world. It is a curriculum module for teachers and students, 13-18 years old. Users become the characters and journey through the story world of […]

Machine – Tasmania

  • Tagline: Building a better world, one person at a time.
  • Project Description: MACHINE is a competitive social networking game. Two companies, G.I.C. & pSol, vie for world dominance. Players work their way up the ranks of their chosen company by performing a variety of tasks. Each tasks’ solution has a cause and effect […]

ALT + Control – NSW

  • Tagline: Obsession with who we could be
  • Project Description: ALT Control is an Alternative Identity Game (AIG) site in which participants can actively construct multiple identities creating the story of their own future. The first seeded project within this framework, Miranda, is a compelling online viral collaborative documentary. ALT Control harnesses […]

Black Creek – VIC

  • Tagline: Choose your friends carefully.
  • Project Description: One girl embarks on a quest to discover the truth behind the camp legend of a missing teenager. Black Creek takes a thrilling ride into the imagination of Stefanie and her friends as they experience their first high school camp together. Without their parents and […]

LAMP 08 – Residential Feb 2008

Portable Ghosts – NZ

  • Tagline: The best way to solve ghost mysteries is to have ghosts helping you!
  • Project Description: Become a Ghost Detective from the TV show to the virtual world onto the mobile, the web, print and into the real world. A truly unique social network experience that is […]

Catalyst – ABC, NSW

  • Tagline: Science that Excites and makes a difference
  • Project Description: ABC TV’s prime-time science magazine program broadcast on ABC 1 and 2 increases its reach to younger viewers via Ruben ‘The Surfing Scientist’ and provides depth and stickiness to existing viewers through it’s collaborative social network Fatherhood […]

Touched by the road toll – NSW

  • Project Description: In Australia there are five deaths on our roads every day. ‘Touched by the road toll’ is an online social network for all those affected by road trauma. Behind every fatality there are a thousand stories. This online sanctuary provides a […]

podscape – NZ

  • Tagline: You’re in the band
  • Project Description: Social virtual world networking where ‘Your in the Band’, a revolutionary new way to interact with friends and strangers alike. Patent pending.
  • Target Media: Web, Virtual World, Mobile, Locative

The Land of a Thousand Legends – NSW

  • Tagline: Doragon Taido!
  • Project Description: The Land of a Thousand Legends is a fully integrated cross media project For 6 to 9 years olds incorporating television, online, mobile and real-world play. Based on the TV series Master Raindrop, it’s an interactive adventure where […]

Call To Arms – Sea Patrol II

Aftershock NZ

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