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Monologue to Dialogue – This a detailed Digital and Social Media Marketing PowerPoint deck by Martin Walsh (Head of Digital Marketing Microsoft & Independent Film Actor & Producer Red Dune Films) given at the LAMP @ AFTRS Social Media Campaign Seminar (video link)

How to run a social media marketing campaign as part of an online community engagement program as part of the Social Media Campaign seminar on 3 Jul 2009 at AFTRS – Social Media Campaign Workshop.

A brief 10 minute intro by Gary as part of the Social Media Campaign seminar on 3 Jul 2009 at AFTRS – Social Media Campaign Workshop. Social media has exploded over the last 3 years, the scale of this phenomenon means no one can ignore it anymore.

Social Networks don’t just promote new movies and TV series – they can be the “reverse channel” feeding back content to be used in the filming, and extend storylines beyond the limitations of traditional delivery systems. This presentation to guests at the Australian Film Television and Radio School on behalf of world leader in film/tv cross media, LAMP (Laboratory Advanced Media Production) at the Innovation and Form seminar.

TV 2.0: Socialised & Participatory TV Online – A presentation given at a LAMP ‘State of Play’ Seminar – given on 25 March 2009. TV is in major transition. Where are the opportunities across on-demand platforms? Is the old advertising model broken? Will broadband to set top box comfortably co-exist with video on the web?

Laurel Papworth – First pass through of social network builds. Presentation for Australian Film Television and Radio School LAMP project. Based on other workshops I run including Web Directions 07 (WD07) and University of Sydney courses. Attribute and non-commercial CC licence.

First build of a social network

View SlideShare presentation or Upload your own. (tags: social networks)

Future Social Media Entertainment keynote presention by Gary Hayes at SPAA Fringe 2008, Sydney 25 October. Blog

“Connecting With Your Audience on the Social Web”
Telling stories to each other has been the right of everyone but until the last few years the privilege of a ‘broadcast’ few. With the advent of quality production tools accessible to all and many new cross-media channels to connect your story world with everyone elses, there is a blurring between beginner, amateur and professional – everyone is now an independent producer. What will it mean for existing linear TV/film makers, how will they truly engage across the social web, YouTube, Virtual Worlds, Blogs, Online Games, Flickr and hundreds of other social media portals across a growing broadband web?

This talk looks at existing and future forms of entertainment that ‘involves’ the audience, that connects to them and from them and more importantly, builds mutual trust and respect. From the pushed web 1.0, to the sharing 2.0 to a live and immersive web 3.0, Gary looks at successful case studies of ‘connected’ entertainment around the world and some of his own work at BBC, game and virtual worlds and selected projects at LAMP and AFTRS

Gary Hayes – Focus on how business needs can be met by supporting an online social network – even if you are currently a forum or community leader, you may not have thought of all the insights this presents on running a community

Gary looks at how the media landscape is changing and new audience expectations. He explores the Cross-media paradigm shift and the new social / collaborative content as a result of this. Also covered are: the rise of MMORPGs, fragmenting audiences and creating services most appropriate for the smaller segments, ways to reach the mass niche and taking users on personalized journeys

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