The Laboratory of Advanced Media Production (LAMP) was founded in 2005 and is Australia’s premier emerging media R&D production lab. Facilitated by the Australian Film TV and Radio School in Sydney, LAMP has run hundreds of workshops, seminars and live-in-residentials that have reached thousands of media professionals. LAMP is committed to cultivating a strong industry of Australian emerging media practitioners and mentors.
LAMP has developed over 60 industry projects and has helped external project teams create proof-of-concepts and pitching presentations that have evolved the creative, technical and business aspects of their project.
LAMP is seen as an industry stepping stone that pushes projects towards their next stage, whether it be piloting, developing participatory audiences, broadening the project’s media format or developing new ways of delivering content. It could include the communication of content through mobile devices, advanced television services, broadband portals, social networks, gaming environments, virtual worlds and more.

Four areas of LAMP

The LAMP experience focuses on content and service development, and extends perceived ideas of creativity, technicality, audience, consumer and business. Participants and project teams utilise their thinking and skills in new ways to create compelling interactive content that meets the changing needs of audiences and the new media marketplace.
LAMP provides:

  1. Half day and whole day topical and bespoke seminars
  2. Multi-day residentials for proof-of-concept development, presentation and pitching
  3. Further project building in partnership with 3rd party companies where user testing, interactive interface development and technical sand-boxing can be taken forward.
  4. Final project building and deployment in partnership with 3rd party companies dependent on business needs, intellectual property and the complexity of project.

Live-In Residential Labs

LAMP residential labs are an ideal way to further develop your project and a rare opportunity to cross fertilise with teams from other genre areas. Previous residential labs have been sponsored by The Australia Council for the Arts, SAFC, ABC TV, Screen Tasmania, The New Zealand Screen Council and AFTRS. Some of the activities that occur at residentials include

  • exercises that help you birth your unique cross-media proposition
  • presentations that expand your knowledge and inspire new ideas about business, technical, creative and audience centric issues
  • one-to-ones with mentors where your project is dissected, expanded and focused
  • masterclasses in cross-media design that help you gain deeper insights into interactive thinking
  • rapid proof-of-concept construction using a range of tools, technologies, audio and visuals that reinforce your project idea
  • the opportunity for you to present and pitch your project to influential industry experts
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