Over 100 selected podcasts and vodcasts from LAMP seminars, residentials and workshops.


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These podcast presentations produced and presented by LAMP @ AFTRS.

LAMP ‘INTERACTIVE SEMINAR April 09 – Documentary 2.0: Serious Games

  1. GAMES: SERIOUSLY – Gary Hayes (intro) 35m (slideshares)
  3. SERIOUS GAMES: REACH OUT – Marianne Webb 28m
  4. DOCO 2.0: FIRST AUSTRALIANS PANEL – mod Peter Giles 25m

LAMP ‘INTERACTIVE SEMINAR July 09 – The Social Media Campaign

  1. THE SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING CAMPAIGN & COMMUNITY – Laurel Papworth 50m (slideshares)
  4. (Seminar Intro) THE RISE AND RISE OF SOCIAL MEDIA – Gary Hayes 13m (slideshares)
  5. UNIVERSITY MEET SOCIAL MEDIA – Danielle Warby (note: music error first few minutes) 16m

LAMP ‘INTERACTIVE SEMINAR April 09 – Art & Craft of Machinima

  1. VIRTUAL TV: TREET AND SLCN – Gary Wiesneski 24m
  2. MACHINIMA: THE ILLCLAN WAY – Peter Giles interviews Illclan 14m
  3. VIRTUAL STORY: THE ART & CRAFT OF MACHINIMA – Gary Hayes 42m (slideshares)
  5. WANDERING EYE PICTURES – Mark Strong 40m
  6. WHERE MACHINIMA MEETS CG – Panel Interview 17m

LAMP ‘INTERACTIVE SEMINAR May 09  – Innovations in Multi-Platform Content

  3. THE INNOVATIVE COMMUNITY – Laurel Papworth 38m (slideshares)
  4. PLAYING IN A DIGITAL WORLD – Jim Shomos 31m
  5. MULTIPLATFORM INNOVATIONS – Giancarlo A. Mori (Skype video intro interview with Gary Hayes) 22m

LAMP ‘STATE OF PLAY’  March 09  – Television 2.0: Social TV

  1. SOCIALIZED TV 2.0 – Gary Hayes 17m (slideshares)
  2. MULTIPLATFORM TV (abridged) – Arul Baskaran 12m
  3. IPTV FUTURES – William Cooper 20m
  4. TV INNOVATION (abridged) – Chris Winter 15m

LAMP ‘STATE OF PLAY’  April 09 – Open Social Collaboration Tools

  1. COLLABORATIVE COMMUNITIES – Laurel Papworth 32m
  2. CROWDSOURCING – Doug Garske 7m
  3. (Seminar Intro) FREE AND EASY – Gary Hayes 10m (slideshares)


GameJam 2008 was run at AFTRS in Sydney on 1 November and featured talks to do with developing for or playing with console, pc games or online games. Creating and using virtual worlds, games, film cross-over, machinima, writing, AI and educational, fun or just plain cool stuff.

  1. Guy Gadney “The Life of an MMORPG Diaspora”
  2. Dan Graf “Story and Game”
  3. Peter Giles “Future of Game Education”
  4. Physical TV “You Are Going To Die”
  5. Marigo Raftopoulos “Galapagos: Serious Game”
  6. Brett Robertson “History of Games”
  7. Ian Brown “Portal, Have Your Cake and Eat It Too”
  8. Michela Ledwidge “MOD the Movies!”
  9. Gary Hayes “Reality & Pleasure – State of Play of Blended Real Life, TV and Game World” Vod/Podcast

Podcast – The Art and Craft of Previsualisation

This is a podcast of a talk Chris gave in Sydney on the 5th June 2008 for the local chapter of the Visual Effects Society. Chris’s visit to Australia was sponsored by Omnilab and Framework and he spoke to Australian games development, visual effects and animation companies during his visit.
Previsualisation is a hotly contested area at the moment particularly between Visual Effects supervisors, Cinematographers, Directors and Production Designers. A presentation by Chris Edwards, CEO of LA based Third Floor to the Visual Effects Society in Sydney on 5th June 2008.

Pod and Vodcast – The Game of Writing Games with Matt Costello

Jun 7th, 2008 | By Gary Hayes

John Banks and Peter Giles interview Matt Costello in two parts at the LAMP: Story of the Future Residential held at Couran Cove, Queensland, Australia in December 2007.
Matt talks about story worlds and how the game play is very dependent on the underlying story and how more importantly they really need to be developed in […]

Podcast – Marissa Cooke ‘Extending Narrative: The Emmerdale Experience’

Apr 24th, 2008 | By Gary Hayes |

Marissa talks through her experiences of extending stories into online and other platforms looking specifically at her work on the enigmatic cross-media service created by Hoodlum for Emmerdale. She talks about call-to-actions, multiple entry points, point-of-view, story worlds, gameplay and trail heads as part of this experience creation for the audience. One technique she uses […]

Podcast – Mobile Engagement, Jennifer Wilson

Mar 23rd, 2008 | By Gary Hayes

Jennifer discusses legacy technologies leading up to mobile phone 3rd generation services and draws up on staggering statistics that indicate a change toward mobile content delivery over PC content delivery. She illustrates the impact mobiles are making as the new delivery platform of choice; right now there are twice as many mobile phones in the […]

Podcast – Working Services, Successful Online Business Models

Mar 23rd, 2008 | By Gary Hayes

Andrew Apostola and Peter Giles outline typical online revenue generating systems and business models. They touch on direct payment types such as free and chargeable content, and indirect payment types such as pay per click advertising models based on traffic volume and sales results. They discuss various forms of subscription models, one example being micro-payments […]

Podcast – Laurel Papworth “Building a Social Network”

Mar 17th, 2008 | By Gary Hayes

‘Building a Social Network” Strategies, implementation and management of online communities.
Laurel takes us on a whistle-stop tour of the various features and functions of organic social networks and how to identify positive and negative aspects of existing services. She refers to how on entry the motto/tagline, tools and what the community are discussing […]

Podcast – Jennifer Wilson ‘Generation C and Z’

Jan 16th, 2008 | By Gary Hayes

A sadly highly abridged 6 minute recording of a great talk by Jennifer looking at upcoming demo/psycho graphics particularly generation C (12-24) that she thinks stands for community, creativity and content. They are non-watch wearers as they have some many devices who needs it. She looks at their current modes of communication and bizarrely they […]

Podcast – Andrew Apostola ‘How to Make Money from Online Content’

Jan 16th, 2008 | By Gary Hayes |

Andrew looks at the nuts and bolts of making money with your content online. He looks at a range of emerging online portals setup to aggregate and share revenues with independent content providers and talks about examples including Revver, Grouper, BlipTV and Crackle. To create a sustainable business you have to connect with interest groups […]

Podcast – John Banks ‘Propogating Social Networks and MMOG Development’

Jan 16th, 2008 | By Gary Hayes

John explores the intersection of online games and games communities and highlights key techniques in drawing traffic and communities to your property. He uses Fury developed by Auran games as one example and how the relationships with key influencers were nurtured, using genuine and authentic dialogue and co-creation. He is clear pointing out that the […]

Six Podcasts – The Virtual Story

Dec 8th, 2007 | By Gary Hayes

Six half hour podcasts featuring SLCN.tv, Physical TV, Jackie Turnure, Gary Hayes and many more from the Film Making and Cinematic Experiences Using Virtual Worlds and Games seminar in Sept 2007 recorded live at the Museum of Sydney.
All podcast presentations produced and presented by LAMP @ AFTRS.
Audio edited & processed by Gary Hayes. […]


Gary discusses the technical and logistical aspects of making television in 2nd life. He briefly takes us through the background of the 2nd life cable network, the largest and most successful 2nd life television station, 100% of the programming of which is live from 2nd life and broadcast to the web.Gary talks about the advantages and disadvantages of doing things live in-world, takes us through some of the processes and shows us some of the programs themselves.

2 THURSDAY’S FICTIONS – Karen Pearlman and Richard James Allen

Karen Pearlman and Richard James Allen take you through the transition of their project, Thursday’s Fictions from the stage, to the page, to the screen and now to 2nd life. They discuss what’s exciting about the process of working in virtual worlds, the interweaving of the form and content, the collaborative process involved and what surprised them about working in 2nd life.They also cover the key shifts they encountered taking Thursday’s Fictions into the film media from the stage show and book, look at the shift from closed forms where the content is delivered to the audience, to a more open form where the audience get to participate, and talk about discovering how working in 2nd life could offer opportunities to explore other themes in a story that has been told across various media platforms.


Gary talks about virtual spaces and the collaborative nature of creating stories within them. He focuses on worlds that are social i.e. real people collaborating in real time creating experiences, and also looks at mixed reality – people in real space and in the virtual space.Gary shows a continuum both between the customisation of the worlds from very fixed to very open and between the individual and the collaborative, and looks at where some of these virtual spaces fall within them.

We look at story creation in these environments, the different kinds of environment available, and how these environments can affect the kinds of story you tell. We also hear about the tools of the trade and the four key ingredients to creating anything of value in such a space including character animation and camera manipulation.


Kit Devine, a lecturer in 3D at AFTRS talks us through her phd project, a virtual version of Sydney’s Rocks area from 1788 to present, as an illustration of the difference between building places as opposed to spaces.She covers how social interaction is a big part of creating a sense of place, as it is the human meaning associated with a location that makes it a place.

Kit also looks at the quality of real-time playback that is now available from 3D programs and shows how this can be valuable to filmmakers in the use of 3D environments for pre-visualisation.

5 THE VIRTUAL FILM – Jackie Turnure

The art of Machinima – an evolution. Jackie takes us back 11 years to the beginnings of Machinima, (combination of Machine and Cinema) to look at how far things have come and where they might be heading. We move through the evolution of Machinima from simple game records through the popularity of stand alone short films to the rise of the episodic and the shift from comedies to more thoughtful drama.Jackie illustrates the importance of good writing, dialogue and voice acting in machinima and also looks at what makes people choose to create their story using this process.

She touches on the issue of copyright and how to make money from machinima and looks at new tools for creating Machinima license free. Jackie concludes her presentation with her projection for machinima over the next ten years.


“The Craft of Story Environment and Games” – A panel of experts moderated by Gary Hayes look at the production issues and future implications of combining the skills of filmmaking with games design with emphasis on machinima and virtual worlds.

A discussion about traditional film making crafts and virtual worlds. Moderated by Gary Hayes with panelists: Peter Giles (Head of Digital Media), Mark Ward (Head of Sound), Jon Rohde (Head of Design) and Gary Wisniewski (CEO, SLCN.tv). Significant comments from Karen Pearlman and Teresa Rizzo.

Podcast – Designing the Future

Jul 2nd, 2007 | By Gary Hayes |

CATHERINE GLEESON – “Designing the Future”
Recorded live and unedited during the LAMP Story of the Future lab in Freycinet in May 2007 in front of the eight teams developing emerging media projects.
“Design is all about making creative decisions..The thing I want to stress today is the thinking of design, that the best designers out […]

Podcast – From Blue Sky to Green Light

Jun 29th, 2007 | By Gary Hayes |

DEBORAH TODD – “From Blue Sky to Green Light”
© Deborah Todd. Deborah talks about the games design development process and how story and character are critically important for reversioning existing properties.
The Presentation
The third of three podcasts from Deborah Todd, Jackie Turnure and Luke Carruthers recorded live at the at the AGL Theatre, Museum of Sydney […]

Podcast – The Future Business of Games

Jun 29th, 2007 | By Gary Hayes |

LUKE CARRUTHERS – “The Future Business of Games”
© Luke Carruthers. Luke concentrates on games trends, the complexity of the Business and the heirarchy of market dictating what gets made.
The Presentation
The second of three podcasts from Deborah Todd, Jackie Turnure and Luke Carruthers recorded live at the at the AGL Theatre, Museum of Sydney (MoS), 37 […]

Podcast – When Games and Films Collide

Jun 29th, 2007 | By Gary Hayes

JACKIE TURNURE – “When Games and Film Collide”
© Jackie Turnure 2007. Jackie gives an overview of the games universe and talks about the importance of story, character and agency.
The Presentation
The first of three podcasts from Deborah Todd, Jackie Turnure and Luke Carruthers recorded live at the at the AGL Theatre, Museum of Sydney (MoS), 37 […]

Podcast – TV can I introduce you to Games?

Jun 14th, 2007 | By Gary Hayes

© Guy Gadney 2007. The changes taking place across the industry and growth trends mean we are now creative melting pot where many things are starting to happen simultaneously.
The Presentation
The third of three podcasts from Guy Gadney, Tony Walsh and Gary Hayes recorded live at the at the AGL Theatre, Museum of Sydney (MoS) Thurs […]

Podcast – The Real, The Virtual and The Mixed

Jun 11th, 2007 | By Gary Hayes

© Tony Walsh 2007. Tony (bio below) explores virtual worlds, alternate reality and mixed reality by providing definitions, historical context and his experienced opinion on how the experiences provided by these are really driving future entertainment.
The Presentation
The second of three podcasts from Tony Walsh, Guy Gadney and Gary Hayes recorded live at the at the […]

Podcast – The Mixed Reality Perfect Storm

Jun 3rd, 2007 | By Gary Hayes

© Gary Hayes 2007. A short 16m introduction from Gary Hayes who looks at the four forces that are coming together to create perfect conditions for this hybrid form of entertainment.
The Presentation
The first of three podcasts from Gary Hayes, Tony Walsh and Guy Gadney recorded live at the at the AGL Theatre, Museum of Sydney […]

Podcast – Digital Storytelling. Same, Same but Different

Mar 5th, 2007 | By Gary Hayes

© Marissa Cooke 2007. Marissa opens her presentation by stating there are great commonalities between storytelling in digital and traditional media.
The Presentation
Marissa Cooke. TV new media and advertising writer, new media producer – Fat Cow Motel, PSTrixi . Copywriter for many bluechip clients writing for the single screen or the multiple screens.
Marissa talks about […]

Podcast – Extending TV drama Experiences

Dec 13th, 2006 | By Gary Hayes |

Extending the experiences of TV drama audiences. Evan Jones

“I find it very interesting to see how much people value on-line communities but go about setting them up without a purpose or goal. They say here is a chat room that is set up alongside a TV series but don’t give people anything to talk about…we […]

Podcast – Writing for Games

Dec 4th, 2006 | By Gary Hayes |

“Games don’t need a story – writers in the games industry are essentially unnecessary” Mark Laidlaw, VALVE
Jackie Turnure presented by AFTRS LAMP as part of its Friday Futures Series.
Taken out of context, this comment could be dynamite, but the point made by Mark and many of the speakers at the Writing for Games conference is […]

Podcast – Game Production for Filmmakers

Sep 12th, 2006 | By Gary Hayes |

Presented by AFTRS LAMP. How are virtual worlds developing and what are the opportunities for media creatives?
Luke Carruthers is a games developer who runs a company called Imaginary Numbers in Sydney. The company creates online games and their first title Tactica Online is a fast-moving strategy RPG set amidst conspiracy and intrigue of Da Vinci’s […]

Podcast – Immersion: Designing Experience

Aug 7th, 2006 | By Administrator

Immersion: Designing Experience © Gary Hayes 2006.
The fourth of 8 podcasts recorded live during the LAMP lab on Milson Island, Sydney in July 2006 – in front of the eight teams and ten mentors developing emerging media projects.
“think of the experience, not just the service, the differentiators between professionals, thats you, versus users is that […]

Podcast – Forget the Rules

Aug 1st, 2006 | By Gary Hayes

Forget the Rules © Jim Shomos 2006.
The third of 8 podcasts recorded live during the LAMP lab on Milson Island, Sydney in July 2006 – in front of the eight teams and ten mentors developing emerging media projects.
“this is such a new area that really the door is open for anybody with anything creative and […]

Podcast – Evolving Technology, where will your audience be?

Jul 25th, 2006 | By Gary Hayes |

Evolving Technology, where will your audience be? © Jonathan Marshall 2006.
The second of 8 podcasts recorded live during the LAMP lab on Milson Island, Sydney in July 2006 – in front of the eight teams and ten mentors developing emerging media projects. International mentor Jonathan talks about new technologies and how we engage audiences with […]

Podcast – Business Planning for New Media

Jul 20th, 2006 | By Gary Hayes |

Business Planning for New Media © Rachel Dixon 2006.
The first of 8 podcasts recorded live and unedited during the LAMP lab on Milson Island, Sydney in July 2006 – in front of the eight teams and ten mentors developing emerging media projects.
“If you rely on government funding for your projects, marry someone rich, because you […]

Podcast – Sexual Robots and Plastic Humans

Jun 7th, 2006 | By Gary Hayes |

Sexual Robots and Plastic Humans in Anime © Philip Brophy 2006.
As a prelude to a series of podcasts on the business, production and sociology of games, virtual shared worlds and MMORPGs
Presented by LAMP on behalf of AFTRS Centre for Screen Studies and Research.
Recorded live at AFTRS Main Theatre 2 June 2006 Click to listen

Video Podcast – AFTRS Films

May 31st, 2006 | By Gary Hayes

The Australian Film TV and Radio School Video Podcast

Over the past few months the LAMP team have encoded, meta-tagged and podcast an initial batch of great films made by past students of AFTRS. Many review sites (eg: PodguideTV) are singing the praises of these high quality films (narrative strength and visual aesthetic/format – in some […]

Podcast – The Digital Distribution Business Model

May 30th, 2006 | By Gary Hayes

The Digital Distribution Business Model © Peter Giles 2006.
Recorded live and unedited during the LAMP lab in Perth in May 2006 in front of the seven teams developing emerging media projects.
“If you can get traffic, interest in your property, create a community and measure it…that is a really compelling argument to get funding…the advertisers […]

Podcast – Thinking Big on the Small Screen

May 29th, 2006 | By Gary Hayes |

Thinking Big on the Small Screen © Keren Flavell 2006.
Recorded live and unedited during the LAMP lab in Perth in May 2006 in front of the seven teams developing emerging media projects.
Keren looks broadly at the business, creative and future implications of the mobile industry. Beginning with a ‘branded Octopus’ metaphor Keren approaches “Thinking Big […]

Podcast – The Art of the Pitch

May 29th, 2006 | 

The Art of the Pitch © Jackie Turnure 2006.
Recorded live and unedited during the LAMP lab in Perth in May 2006 in front of the seven teams developing emerging media projects.
Jackie continues her journey into the importance of the pitch and effectively communicating your cross media idea. “if you can’t pitch your project then […]

Podcast – Hypercompetitive

May 28th, 2006 | 

Hypercompetitive © Jim Plamondon 2006.
Recorded live and unedited during the LAMP lab in Perth in May 2006 in front of the seven teams developing emerging media projects.
Jim Plamondon spent the last decade of his corporate working life as a Technical Evangelist for Microsoft in the USA and now runs, in part retirement, a company called […]

Podcast – Business vs Creativity: Mobile and Broadband Production

May 24th, 2006 | By Gary Hayes

Business vs Creativity: Mobile and Broadband Production © David Gurney 2006.
Recorded live and unedited during the LAMP lab in Perth in May 2006 in front of the seven teams developing emerging media projects.
David looks at the digital industry in his unique way pointing out both the immaturity in the marketplace and the key opportunities. He […]

Podcast – Web 2.0, TV 2.0

May 23rd, 2006 | By Gary Hayes

Web 2.0, TV 2.0 © David Jensen 2006
Recorded live and unedited during the LAMP lab in Perth in May 2006 in front of the seven teams developing emerging media projects.
David helps us understand what broadband TV really is and talks about the future of branded entertainment and how this now more important than networks or […]

Podcast – Disruption, Changing Audiences and New Business Models

May 22nd, 2006 | By Gary Hayes

Disruption, Changing Audiences and New Business Models © Duane Varan 2006.
Recorded live and unedited during the LAMP lab in Perth in May 2006 in front of the seven teams developing emerging media projects. Length 51 minutes.
“The best thing you can do as content producers is to break your dependency on the Australian market, a […]

Podcast – How to Entertain: Engage, Involve, Reward

May 21st, 2006 | By Gary Hayes |

How to Entertain – Engage, Involve, Reward © Jackie Turnure 2006
Recorded live and unedited during the LAMP lab in Perth in May 2006 in front of the seven teams developing emerging media projects.
Jackie extends her insights into how to engage audiences and keep them involved. She talks about the importance of story and the dramatic […]

“Your Media Evolved” Two Videos

Mar 18th, 2006 | By Gary Hayes |

Two video podcasts from LAMP. These hybrid “making of’s” and “promos” give an insight into the LAMP process. They contain behind the scene glimpses at seminars, workshops, presentations and the last two residential labs. The 5 minute version contains a more detailed look at the first live-in-lab, mentors and guest speakers.

If you already subscribe to […]

Podcast – Design for Transmedia Audiences

Mar 1st, 2006 | By Administrator

Design for Transmedia Audiences – Catherine Gleeson
Catherine investigates how to design for audiences that are moving across media. Using a nuts and bolts approach combined with a range of esoteric perspectives on spatial navigation, conceptual multi layering and beyond. Catherine helps us understand the unique qualities in our creativity. She looks at basic templates and […]

Podcast – Rules of Engagement

Mar 1st, 2006 | By Administrator |

Rules of Engagement- Jackie Turnure

“The key to engaging our audience is to make the experience ever changing. The material must never be static, instead it must always be moving forward, developing, evolving, building. Raise the stakes without moving the goal posts and you will deepen the experience for the audience.” Jackie Turnure 2005
Jackie combines two […]

Podcast – Evolving Tech and Audience

Dec 20th, 2005 | By Administrator

Evolving Technology, Evolving Audiences – Jonathan Marshall
Jonathan talks about devices, the network pipes and the audiences that use them. Using the basic premise of lean back, forward and portable he advises us on how to shape the viewer experience through understanding of the mode of the audience. Speaking specifically to one of LAMP’s residential audiences […]

Podcast – Interactive Narratives

Dec 20th, 2005 | By Administrator

The Practise of Interactive Narratives – Mark Stephen Meadows
Mark provides us with a very accesible and compelling investigation into new forms of interactive narrative – alternate perspectives, interaction and user journeys. Using the analogy of “stories are about someone who has a problem more interesting than your own” he takes us through the conceptual […]

Podcast – Networking Television

Dec 20th, 2005 | By Administrator

Networked Television – William Cooper
William takes us on a journey into both a converged and diverged world as TV becomes just another string of content over global broadband networks. He looks at the emerging and dying business models as fiber optics become the norm to carry vast quantities of digital content around the world […]

Podcast – Intersections, People, Technology

Nov 29th, 2005 | By Administrator

Or “What to Built it On?” – Raffi Krikorian
Raffi gives a talk about interactive technology by trying not to talk about it. Allowing the horse to lead the cart (content before tech) and not falling into the trap of limiting your creativity, he gives a refreshing view of a new development process methodology. Raffi does […]

Podcast – A short tale about a long tail

Nov 29th, 2005 | By Administrator

“Why did eBay buy Skype?” – Tony Surtees
Tony helps us explore the jungle of marketing confusion as audiences and distribution rapidly alter. He points out that rather than being locked out, good media creators actually have many cross-media opportunities – there is a world of abundance created by the technology. The key resources – […]

Podcast – The World Is My Hard Drive

Nov 27th, 2005 | By Administrator | Category: Podcasts | Edit

The World Is My Hard Drive – Mark Pesce
Presentation recorded at “The Future of Media” Conference, Australian Center for the Moving Image, Friday 25 November 2005.
Media producers are facing a new threat: everyone has become a broadcasting network. Now that everyone is practicing “The Three F’s”: finding, forwarding, and filtering media, what does this mean […]

Podcast – The Telephone Repair Handbook

Nov 24th, 2005 | By Administrator |

The Keynote address for ACM IE 2005, 23 November 2005, Sydney. By Mark Pesce with Angus Fraser
ABSTRACT: The software design of the mobile telephone is poorly suited to its principle task, human social network management. The authors explore the evolving needs of the ’swarm’ of network users, then speculatively redesign the mobile telephone as an […]

Podcast – Transmedia narrative

Nov 8th, 2005 | By Administrator

Diverged technology, converged people, new stories – Christy Dena
Christy presents key transmedia topics including remediation, adaptation and interactive broadcasting as well as looking at the many new media-types and media channels that are emerging across the industry.
She gives exciting glimpses into new forms of compelling interactivity including distributed narrative, ‘real life’ cross over and in-game […]

Podcast – Converged Producer

Nov 8th, 2005 | By Administrator

Playground of the Converged Producer – Peter Giles
Peter guides us through the potential opportunities for emerging media producers, how to generate income and the changing world of advertising. Using examples such as the success of JibJab, Happy Tree Friends and Cineclix Peter suggests new business models existing linear producers can adopt. He gives us his […]

Podcast – Broadband Futures

Nov 8th, 2005 | By Administrator

Broadband Futures – Guy Gadney
Guy begins by talking about the current services his company Bigpond are delivering to larger numbers of the Australian audience. He draws attention to the blurred line that is developing between live video on broadband and TV but points out the much higher levels of synchronised interactivity we have access to […]

Podcast – The New Audience

Nov 8th, 2005 | By Administrator

New Roads, New Directions, New Markets – Gary Hayes
Gary presents a talk in two halves. The first is a broad overview of current markets and audiences from an Australian perspective stressing the importance of being first rather than last as new markets open up., The second half is based on many years experience as BBCi […]

Podcast – Building Bridges

Sep 7th, 2005 | By Administrator

Building bridges, the new producer – Sohail Dahdal
Sohail looks at the complex issues surrounding multi-platform and multi-media production. Using a tried and trusted process model he explores the critical issues of iterative production and interactive process design – in other words the production itself becomes as dynamic as the service you are making.
Accompanying presentation – […]

Podcast – Linear Adaptation

Sep 7th, 2005 | By Administrator

Adapting Linear Content to Interactive Games – Jackie Turnure
Using The Wonderful Wizard of Oz as an example, Jackie takes on a journey through the process of turning a linear brand into an interactive proposition. She looks at the evolution of the interactive property from simple storybooks through to complex game design. She finishes with some […]

Podcast – Brothers in Arms

Sep 7th, 2005 | By Administrator

Brothers In Arms, Cross-media Challenges – Martin Brown and Tom Kennedy
Martin and Tom look at the challenges of taking and paralleling the development of their latest film venture, ‘Brothers in Arms’, into other mediums. Issues they refer to include cross media international financing, dominant parts of the platform mix and leveraging the brand.
All LAMP […]

Podcast – Emerging Design

Sep 7th, 2005 | By Administrator

Playground of emerging design – Catherine Gleeson and Peter Giles
Catherine and Peter explore a wide range of topics to do with one of the most critical parts of interactive service creation, the visual design.
Starting from simple and elegant interfaces they also talk about representing the complex and numerous using 3D interfaces for example. Looking at […]

Podcast – Mobile multi-platform

Sep 2nd, 2005 | By Administrator

Multi-Platform Content Delivery- David Gurney
David delivers an insightful look across the whole new media industry and in his inimitable way paints a picture of confusion, blind alleyways but with some real opportunities. Using his popular animation series ‘Hooter and Snoz’ as a case study he points out the serious market potential for a variety of […]

Podcast – Cross Media Brands

Sep 2nd, 2005 | By Administrator

Designing for cross media channels – Ric Holland
Ric explores a range of cutting edge design techniques using a mixture of his own innovative work at IBM and other companies but also drawing attention to newer developments. He highlights the importance of brand, consistency across platforms and the principles of definition, profile and scenarios.
Accompanying presentation – […]

Podcast – I told you I was Ill

Aug 31st, 2005 | By Administrator

I told you I was ill – Cathy Henkel and Kerry Sunderland
Cathy and Kerry talk about the hurdles they faced on the one hand and the wonderful opportunities that came their way while creating the cross-platform exploration of the life of Spike Milligan. They talk about the duality of TV/online combinations and how they generated […]

Podcast – Cross-platform Drama

Aug 26th, 2005 | By Administrator

Making a drama out of cross platform – Jim Shomos and Paul Baiguerra
Jim and Paul talk about their new project “Forget the Rules”. FTR will be the first comedy/drama series in the world to be broadcast simultaneously on TV, mobiles and broadband. It’s also the first Australian made mobile drama in Australia. They talk about […]

Podcast – Piracy Is Good

May 6th, 2005 | By Administrator |

Piracy Is Good by Mark Pesce
Live presentation of ‘Piracy Is Good?’, delivered by Mark Pesce on May 6th, 2005 at the Australian Film Television and Radio School in Sydney.
All LAMP podcasts are also published through the iTunes store. You can subscribe automatically to these if you have iTunes installed by clicking here.
Sydney 6th May […]

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