LAMP 04 Milson Island


LAMP 04 – Residential Jul 2006


  • Target platforms: Broadband PC, cards, DVD and mobile
  • Project description: Designed as a cross media and cross platform experience for primary school aged children, ‘Totemon’ is an interactive locative and online game, a dvd game, and has a trading card, quest element. Informed by Aboriginal culture, […]

SGC – SecretGirlsClub

  • Tagline: “An interactive virtual clubhouse community exclusive to girls aged 10 to 14. Users gain right of entry by completing an initiation game, ‘MIA’. The Secret Girls’ Club empowers young girls as they learn, share and play.”

Get in the Car

  • Tagline: Get in the Car! with Zeit-guide Monica Main and allow her to chauffeur you out of the cul de sacs of life towards the broader, more luscious landscapes of the bent mind.


  • Tagline: “Build Your Own Human Being”
  • Target platforms: Web, Virtual Environments, Broadband TV, IPTV, Mobile
  • Project description: ‘Emergence’ is an innovative cross-platform work in which users are given the chance to collectively build their ideal human being. Once genetic engineering has perfected the manipulation of physical characteristics, it will turn its sights onto the […]


  • Tagline: “Why move when you can groove.”
  • Target platforms: Online community (broadband), TV, Mobile
  • Project description: Ü demystifies dance by introducing a group of everyday people to a diverse range of wild dances and drives their personal transformation to the ultimate rhythmic experience – natural ecstasy. Ü is the ultimate cross media experience: it […]

Double the Fist

  • Tagline: Fistworthy(adj): Brave, tough, suicidally, reckless or a combination of all three. The desire for fistworthiness is what drives the show’s host and contestants.
  • Target platforms: Internet, mobile, games
  • Project description: Double The Fist is a high-octane special effects fuelled cross platform
  • comedy, experienced by weak and pathetic users around the world – […]

AFTRS Media Lab

  • Tagline: “A collaborative media space where AFTRS interacts with the creative community”
  • Target platforms: Online community; broadband PC; mobile
  • Project description: AFTRS Media Lab is where the walls of the school disappear. An online resource and collaborative space, it invites you to move from passive consumption to active production and participation.

The Ministry of Truth

  • Tagline: “Kill Your Television”
  • Target platforms: Online community, IPTV, free-to-air TV, mobile
  • Project description: Like a hair ball stuck in the throat of the corporate media, the Ministry Of Truth says: KILL YOUR TELEVISION! creates subversive media comprised of entirely contrasting segments no longer than 5 minutes each. Diverse, slick, […]

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