LAMP 07 Couran Cove


LAMP 07 – Residential Nov 2007

Faction Comics – NSW

  • Tagline: Where the comic world comes to create, share and rate.
  • Project Description: Faction comics is a global online comic community with ongoing user generated publications.
  • Target Media: Web, Mobile, Film/TV

Detective Dale – TAS

  • Tagline: In a town with no hope, one no hoper dares to hope.
  • Project Description: Interactive crime/courtroom drama set in the sleepy backwater town of Jordanville “The Best Place in Tasmania to Live, Work and Play”. Rich local characters and relatively strange going’s on create an enigma spread across the web including […]

Stalker’s Ink – QLD

  • Tagline: Decent Obsession’s
  • Project Description: An online social networking service for romantic adventurists to facilitate magic, mystery and unique romantic experiences in the real world.
  • Target Media: Web, Mobile, Locative Environments

Wild Ark – VIC

  • Tagline: Alice in Wonderland meets Noah’s Ark: A journey through the wild habitats of the globe that begins in the palm of your hand and inspires you to act!
  • Project Description: Wild Ark is a multi-platform wildlife experience that transcends the zoo walls. At the zoo, kids set out on the Wild […]

What If? – NSW

  • Tagline: Breathes life into literature, taking classic narratives to new realms of possibility.
  • Project Description: What if? is Shakespeare and other literary texts taught in a virtual interactive world. It is a curriculum module for teachers and students, 13-18 years old. Users become the characters and journey through the story world of […]

Machine – Tasmania

  • Tagline: Building a better world, one person at a time.
  • Project Description: MACHINE is a competitive social networking game. Two companies, G.I.C. & pSol, vie for world dominance. Players work their way up the ranks of their chosen company by performing a variety of tasks. Each tasks’ solution has a cause and effect […]

ALT + Control – NSW

  • Tagline: Obsession with who we could be
  • Project Description: ALT Control is an Alternative Identity Game (AIG) site in which participants can actively construct multiple identities creating the story of their own future. The first seeded project within this framework, Miranda, is a compelling online viral collaborative documentary. ALT Control harnesses […]

Black Creek – VIC

  • Tagline: Choose your friends carefully.
  • Project Description: One girl embarks on a quest to discover the truth behind the camp legend of a missing teenager. Black Creek takes a thrilling ride into the imagination of Stefanie and her friends as they experience their first high school camp together. Without their parents and […]

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