A keynote presentation at IADIS Multi Conference on Computer Science and Information Systems 2009 Algarve, Portugal 17 – 23 June 2009  THE FRAGMENTS OF PLAY: TranSocialMediaEntertainment. This talk investigates the nature of the playful, networked audience across online worlds & games, participatory film & TV and location based stories all helping to define social media entertainment. How are new audiences being classified, by their age, behaviours or how they themselves tell their new stories across multi-platform, multi-sensory environments. Some key paradigms and enabling services and technologies to be explored will include mixed reality, personalization, inhabited TV, emotional intelligence, machinima, cross-media identity and distributed play.

Designing for Cross-Media Channels by Ric Holland looks at his background leading to a range of industry insights into cross media production and interface design. Given at LAMP orientations 2005

Insights into new forms across many media types and platforms from Christy Dena at the 3rd LAMP residential in Perth 2006. Christy Dena’s current blog & podcast:

A practical look at delivering content across platforms and associated business models from David Gurney as part of his mentoring at a LAMP residential in Perth 2006

Christy Dena – Transmedia design, participatory design, multi-audience targeting, teasers, trigger point, find your essence.

Gary Hayes – A look at the transition of user journeys through media from linear to personalised non-linear. Exploring the evolution to more interactive forms of entertainment and looking to what lies ahead.

Christy Dena & Gary Hayes – a short presentation about that that cannot be described.

Christy Dena’s current blog & podcast:

Global Media Journeys for Personalised Interactive Audiences a presentation by Gary Hayes for media producers in May 2006

From Christy Dena at one of the first LAMP orientation awareness raising seminars in 2005. This one looks at a range of perspectives on cross- media stories, industry initiatives and multiple media types
Christy Dena’s current blog & podcast:

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