Random participant feedback from the previous eight live-in-labs

  • I can highly recommend LAMP to anyone with a great idea looking to turn it into a success.
  • It was a totally immersive and focused, overwhelming experience – nothing like I’ve experienced before
  • The impossible is possible
  • It was a wonderful creative experience where I believe we were able to generate a wealth of truly new ideas. Marvellous!
  • A creative vibrant practical atmosphere
  • The lab exceeded my expectations as I thought it would have been a little more hands off. The way everyone helped each other out in an environment that was friendly, affectionate and creative allowed us to take our project in ways never thought of before.
  • This has definitely been one of the best experiences of my life. Thankyou!
  • It exceeded my expectations
  • A week of inspiration, confrontation (of your own creative ideas) communication skills crash course and hard work (esp the Thurs night) just what I wanted. The lessons Ive learnt this week will inform and inspire all the advanced media projects I’m busy pushing ahead. Loved the quotes posted on the walls too!
  • I loved loved loved it!
  • Concept of LAMP is wonderful and it was above and beyond expectation
  • LAMP helped solidify confidence in the concept and creating a truly viable cross media platform
  • LAMP 08 was the most amazing professional development experience of my life!
  • Well structured, highly relevant information, carefully structured word flow, excellent tutelage, nurturing, humane and humorous
  • I am feeling lucky to have done this workshop. Sincerely. Full stop.
  • Hope to have the opportunity to attend another LAMP experience. As a direct result of LAMP, I have several new ideas for digital technology and cross-platform storytelling that would not have happened without LAMP
  • Most intense week I’ve had in many years. Maybe ever!?
  • I didn’t have any expectations because I was unaware of what the Lab entailed prior to attending. The Lab was certainly one of the best professional experiences I’ve ever had. The generosity extended by the LAMP team and mentors was unparalleled
  • We invented our project and were supported by people who were generous and helpful, people who we wouldnt normally have access to
  • We developed an idea from scratch, expanded it from POV of a user (not the film maker) which was excellent
  • Very intense but also an extremely nurturing environment that was particularly conducive to creativity and brainstorming. It opened my mind.
  • I cannot speak (or write) highly enough of every single mentor at this residential. I will take something – a pearl of wisdom – away from every one of them.
  • Well considered and organised, great to be able to think in such an environment
  • Very professionally and thoughtfully structured, clearly the result of experience – worked very well
  • Very busy and intense but very useful
  • This workshop managed to elicit maximum product output and intelligent project implementation with a minimum of fuss
  • What a privilege! All participants were challenged to reach for and achieve far reaching goals but were also totally supported in the endeavour by a united team of razor sharp professionals.
  • Yes, exceeded my expectations. Forced me to think way, way, way outside my square.
  • This was a highly productive, intensive session whereby all outside distractions were eliminated letting us focus solely on the job
  • There was enormous value with mentor input, creative support from other participants and developers and insight from industry.
  • The hothouse “thrown in at the deep end” technique created high anxiety but did a brilliant job of emulating the performance-under-pressure environment that causes many creatives to shine
  • Superb, empathetic, committed facilitators enacted a disciplined, purposeful approach towards clear creative outcomes
  • Seamless
  • The experience will resonate with me for a long time to come. The energy, commitment, generosity and expertise of the mentors and organisers far exceeded my expectations.
  • It was a great reminder that yes, there ARE people out there that have the same enthusiasm, drive and excitement about making something to entertain, enlighten and educate the world. LAMP was a great place to collaborate and explore what an idea can become.
  • Perfect. Seriously its a great balance of challenges and support. A full process that ties in well
  • Effective & challenging, in that it took me out of my comfort zone, highlighted my weaknesses & drew upon my strengths in an unexpected & surprising way.
  • Our guardian mentor was crucial, providing not only support but also challenges, nurturing and encouragement
  • An excellent overview of game and story design, social networking systems, current and successful project models, engaging users…the list goes on. The presentations were excellent. The mentoring was engaged, generous and fantastic.
  • The mentor presentations excellent, technical support brilliant, pace was exhausting but productive
  • I didn’t know what to expect but LAMP completely blew me away! I thought it would be more competitive and the teams more secretive about their projects. Instead I found everyone to be extremely generous and supportive and it was SO wonderful to be in like-minded company in an environment conducive to creativity.
  • LAMP gave our project a deep focus and contextual awareness that made the idea much richer
  • LAMP gave me clarification, I found a vocabulary and a voice
  • It’s a boot camp that canon-balls the development of an idea with great speed.
  • Intensely challenging, Incredibly professional, Invigorating and fun. I feel cared for and respected
  • Intense dialogue helped us understand what each partner values and wants to achieve then how to communicate our interest to the outside world
  • I was transformed and uplifted with new confidence, a new sense of possibility. Now I get to go and make new rules in an exciting frontier
  • The most important thing we gained was a business perspective. It was a very good thing for us to stop thinking purely as content creators, and think more business.
  • Flawless
  • Extremely intense, highly thought provoking and challenging
  • The whole thing was life changing in regards to finding out who was out there. Working with them and being creative. Having almost a week to work on one project solidly with help & advise not just from mentors but everyone is the best thing about LAMP.
  • Amazing luxury to have so many diverse mentors. Well paced, well moderated , well supported
  • Access to such varied input from many different perspectives forced us to evaluate what was the really important feature, core of the project and what was right for it
  • A rollercoaster ride of information – an intensive hothouse experience
  • Full on!
  • Great experience – painful but gainful!
  • It was better than I could have ever imagined. I loved every minute of it.
  • Well coordinated – responsive to all issues that arose The tech was great. No problems. It was good to have a real deadline at the end of the week.
  • A great deal of direction, inspiration and information
  • Keep going, it’s a worthy project getting us all converted!
  • A+, Well run
  • Very professional, and the enthusiasm was very impressive.
  • Honestly! will not think about any project the same again and I hope to be involved in many more
  • Process, process, process – the structural models extremely useful

Feedback from various one day orientation events

  • Mind expanding – very commercially focused
  • Excellent content on each presentation with practical hands on tips
  • Good range of high calibre speakers
  • Outstanding I found the day profoundly rewarding – I have truly moved into a non-linear dimension.
  • Pointers to the future of video!
  • Love the idea of LAMP residential – very exciting. Overall, a very inspiring day
  • Very inspirational – a great variety of content & speakers
  • Workshop provided good information on the various platforms to think about when developing new projects and ways to reach a greater audience
  • The course was well worth the paltry entrance feee and was presented by enthusiastic, knowledgeable practitioner/commissioners. These type of courses/seminars are a must to drive new work
  • Very informative, lots of valuable insights about now and the future off interactive digital media
  • All the guest speakers were fantastic. The day was jam packed
  • Choice of speakers was excellent
  • Inspiring.
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