Nov 102006

Project description: The Deep Sleep is an interactive neo-noir mystery set in the animated world of 15 year old narcoleptic dunce, Lemmy Cue. When Lemmy unearths a shocking crime that he may or may not have committed, our 15-25 year old audience must uncover clues and solve the mystery. This 13 x 5 minute weekly television and digital interactive television series and immersive online world evolves into a rich interactive online adventure. Help save Lemmy and uncover the dark truth behind the strange goings-on in Turnerville.

Deep 22

Deep 09

Deep 21

Deep 12

Deep 20

Deep Team

Team Members
Hugh Sullivan – Series Producer/Writer/Director
Kate Croser – Producer
Jindou Lee – Designer

Guardian mentor/s: Jackie Turnure
LAMP Lab: October 2006
Target media: Mobile, Broadband, Interactive TV
Hugh Sullivan © 2006

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