Oct 272009

LAMP’s Gary Hayes created, posted & paged (on his top 5 Australian AdAge blog, Personalizemedia) this simple flash app a few weeks ago to demonstrate the tsunami of content, communication and commercial activity across Social Media, Mobile and Games. The widget, embedded below, rather ironically went viral itself as it is was linked to from Wired, Guardian, other major sites and was re-tweeted over 2000 times which generated a reach around 15 million! It is now embedded in over 450 sites (over 150 shown in the video below the counter) and Gary is keeping it constantly updated with the latest stats across the 40+ metrics.

Nov 132006

Project description: Ever wanted to really know what it is to be a nun inside an Abbey? This media space allows you to engage with ABC TV’s The Abbey series and enables the audience to experience the Abbey through their own personal journey.

Abbey 01

Abbey 05

Abbey 04

Abbey 10

Abbey 07

Abbey 08

Abbey Team

Team Members
Varcha Sidwell – Producer/Writer/Director, C S P B
Justy Phillips – Designer
Margaret Woodward – Designer

Guardian mentor/s: Catherine Gleeson
LAMP Lab: October 2006
Target media: Mobile, Broadband, TV
C S P B Pty Ltd © 2006

Nov 102006

Project description: The Deep Sleep is an interactive neo-noir mystery set in the animated world of 15 year old narcoleptic dunce, Lemmy Cue. When Lemmy unearths a shocking crime that he may or may not have committed, our 15-25 year old audience must uncover clues and solve the mystery. This 13 x 5 minute weekly television and digital interactive television series and immersive online world evolves into a rich interactive online adventure. Help save Lemmy and uncover the dark truth behind the strange goings-on in Turnerville.

Deep 22

Deep 09

Deep 21

Deep 12

Deep 20

Deep Team

Team Members
Hugh Sullivan – Series Producer/Writer/Director
Kate Croser – Producer
Jindou Lee – Designer

Guardian mentor/s: Jackie Turnure
LAMP Lab: October 2006
Target media: Mobile, Broadband, Interactive TV
Hugh Sullivan © 2006

Nov 102006

Project description: An exciting comedy show broadcast live from inside a virtual world. In World will allow viewers to appear on TV as their 3D avatars and also submit mashed-up video, music, chat and games.

Inworld 01

Inworld 05

Inworld 08

Inworld 02

Inworld team01
Inworld team02

Team Members
Arul Baskaran – Producer
Adam Nash – Designer
Lisa Dethridge – Writer

Guardian mentor/s: Gary Hayes
LAMP Lab: October 2006
Target media: Mobile, Broadband, Virtual World, Pod/Vodcast, TV
IconInc © 2006

Nov 102006

Project description: A unique cross-media exploration of urban art and street culture. Alongside short videos and documentaries the online element features a virtual city block. The audience can contribute by submitting street art or creating art with the online tools.

Urban 01

Urban 04

Urban 02

Urban 03

Urban 05

Urban Team

Team Members
Alicia Rackett – Producer/Creator
David Gurney – Creative Director/Writer
Graham Brown – Designer

Guardian mentor/s: John Buchanan
LAMP Lab: October 2006
Target media: Mobile 1-3G, Broadband, TV
Blue Rocket Productions © 2006

Nov 102006

Project description: The city is a playground in which players use their mobile phones and other portable devices to receive cryptic rich media clues via SMS, voicemail, podcasts, video downloads, and a dedicated website. These clues give rise to an interactive treasure hunt that can also be played out simultaneously in an identical virtual world.

City 04

City 06

City 10

City 05

City 03

City Team

Team Members
David Bartolo – Producer/Director/Designer
Michael Sarroff – Writer/Producer/Designer

Guardian mentor/s: Jennifer Wilson, Peter Giles
LAMP Lab: October 2006
Target media: Mobile 1-3G, Broadband, Vod/Podcasts, Virtual Worlds, TV
David Bartolo and Michael Sarroff © 2006

Aug 162006

SGC – SecretGirlsClub.com.au
Tagline: “An interactive virtual clubhouse community exclusive to girls aged 10 to 14. Users gain right of entry by completing an initiation game, ‘MIA’. The Secret Girls’ Club empowers young girls as they learn, share and play.”
LAMP Lab: July 2006

SGC Team
Target platforms: Internet/ Broadband, Mobile, Virtual & Physical Environments and Broadcast TV
Project description: The Secret Girls Club is an ongoing, online space exclusively for girls, aged 10-14 years. It’s hip and cool. A space where they come to interact, share and learn from their peers about growing up. ‘Missing Mia’ is part one (initiation) of the Secret Girls Club. Users follow narrative storylines and hints left by the four fictional characters (who ‘founded’ the SGC) to play the first alternative reality game, ‘Missing Mia’.
The users become the private investigator, the councillor and the main character’s best friend. They are empowered and transformed by the tools of the multimodal game. They invest themselves by sharing their own content, performing task puzzles and by solving personal issues that all young girls have.

Ultimately, they realise they are special in their own right as they utilise their strongest skills in order to help the main character back home, to the Secret Girls Club.

Once they have solved each ‘Mia’ issue, i.e. completed a level, and win Mia back they are entitled to gain access to the Secret Girls Club VIP area and win prizes, as well as gain their personalised, exclusive licence to participate with real girls in the online community space.






Team Members
and Concept Creators
Donna Sennett: Creative Producer
Loosie Craig: Writer
Mark Alston: Designer
Guardian mentor/s: Shiralee Saul , Keren Flavell
Donna Sennett, Loosie Craig & Mark Alston © 2006

Aug 082006

Get in the Car
Tagline: Get in the Car! with Zeit-guide Monica Main and allow her to chauffeur you out of the cul de sacs of life towards the broader, more luscious landscapes of the bent mind.
LAMP Lab: July 2006

LAMP IV Photo C Gleeson
Target platforms: Internet, mobile phone, heritage media and IPTV
Project description: Getinthecar.com.au hosts the wonderful and hilarious world of me, Monni Log and all my alter egos who are hell bent on driving you to humorous enlightenment.

LAMP IVWelcome to my kitchen and as you can see my kitchen table is cluttered with all the detritus of the everyday. Sorry it’s a bit messy but at least it’s a sign of life. Go for a roam over the different objects and they will come “alive”, including the TV, the teacup, the teapot, recipe cards and handyhints. Click on the TV and catch up with a two minute episode of The Adventures of Zsa Zsa Lahore, the ravenous, red blooded redhead on her escapades of looking for love, herself and the meaning of life. Download them to your mobile and you have a portable soap opera, excellent for amusing your friends.

Submit your own life/relationship worst moments for consideration and let me turn them into a two minute techno colour reality. Enjoying the dramalette characters so much? Click on the mobile phone and download my MMS’; hilarious 5 sec picture messages you can send to you friends. Eg. “You’re late”, “You’re dropped”, “You’re GORGARSE!”, “Mum says…stop downloading”. Like I say, let me do the talking. And of course, download a ring tone that’s bound to embarrass you in the bank queue, eg The Strangled Cat, Maniacal Laughter, Boo Hoo.


Click on the teacup and get a new twist on having your tea leaves read; a witty daily aphorism, eg Deep down your really shallow. Click on the handy hints and recipe files and get ideas on food for thought and thoughtful food. Looking for answers? Submit your own gardening, social ettiquette or cooking questions and let me or my alter egos provide the enlightenment. Too busy to visit getinthecar.com.au? Subscribe to our mobile phone information services and get Big Red’s 2-3min Cooking Classes with new recipes every week. Gardening problems? Subscribe to the Plant Police and Monni’s bogan twin sister Sharon will investigate and problem solve all your gardening dilemmas. Through internet, mobile phone, podcast or digital TV interact with Monni Log and her friends who are here to coach you from the sidelines in modern life. A world of absurd fun, sassy syntax, tacky merchandising, camp MMS’ and ridiculous ring tones… GET IN THE CAR! and let’s drive to enlightenment.



Team Members
Monica Main– Producer
Fran Tinley– Producer
Guardian mentor: Catherine Gleeson
Monica Main and Fran Tinley © 2006

Jul 242006

The Ministry of Truth
Tagline: “Kill Your Television”
LAMP Lab: July 2006

LAMP IV Photo C Gleeson

Target platforms: Online community, IPTV, free-to-air TV, mobile
Project description: Like a hair ball stuck in the throat of the corporate media, the Ministry Of Truth says: KILL YOUR TELEVISION! www.ministryoftruth.tv creates subversive media comprised of entirely contrasting segments no longer than 5 minutes each. Diverse, slick, DIY media produced without the artifice of the 20th Century mediasphere. The Ministry of Truth is a libertine collective of over 50 media makers aggressively broadcasting from the Australian underground. We bring you attention deficit media across all platforms – free to air, web channel, mobile, download, DVD and file share. The Ministry reveals media’s banality by subverting the genre, serving up a chaotic blend of contrasting viewpoints and shying away from television that tastes as bland as a hospital dinner. Holding site with suggestive content at www.ministryoftruth.tv





Team photo to follow:
Team Members
Sarah Jane Woulahan – Producer
Citt Williams – Producer
Ben Foley – Designer
Guardian mentor: – Jackie Turnure

Ministry of Truth © 2006

May 152006

Tagline: “Next-generation web experience for niche market social interaction”
LAMP Lab: May 2006
Target platforms: Broadband TV/PC and Mobile
Project description: QLIFEGLOBAL is an on-line interactive social network featuring multi-platform video-on-demand channels for and by individuals and members of worldwide Queer communities. It will feature user-rated reviews of lifestyle, travel and entertainment and broadband On-Demand channels for citizen-journalist news and issues.

Qlifeglobal is an inclusive space where members can connect with each other by sharing and comparing their content, opinions and knowledge. With advanced web 2.0 features, Qlifeglobal will provide a space to engage, inform and entertain a community. Members can have their own personal space to be private or public, and can advance global understanding of their communities and lifestyles by contributing to the collective knowledge of a wiki and interactive map where they can define and map the Queer world.

The key driver to engage and compel audiences to the Qlifeglobal web-site is a professionally produced video podcast, which will be a series of dynamic presenter-driven episodes using a fresh mix of user-generated content to drive the show’s themes and topics.

Qlifeglobal is a next-generation web experience for niche market social interaction.




Team Members
Matt Morgan – Producer / Writer / Property Creator
Paulo Alberton – Director
Brad Hile – Web Designer
Guardian mentor: Keren Flavell
© IN8VISIONMEDIA 2006 email: Matt Morgan at in8visionmedia@gmail.com