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SIX SEMINAR VIDEOS – Click the skip arrows to move between presentations

  1. VIRTUAL TV: TREET AND SLCN – 24m © TreetTV & Gary Wiesneski CEO SLCN.TV
  2. MACHINIMA: THE ILLCLAN WAY – 14m © Illclan and AFTRS. Peter Giles Director of Digital Media AFTRS Interviews Ill Clan. Writer/director Kerria Seabrooke, cinematographer Paul Jannicola and producer Frank Dellario
  3. VIRTUAL STORY: THE ART & CRAFT OF MACHINIMA – 42m © Gary Hayes Director LAMP @ AFTRS and CCO of MUVEDesign (slideshares here)
  5. WANDERING EYE PICTURES – 40m © Mark Strong Head of Wandering Eye Pictures
  6. WHERE MACHINIMA MEETS CG – Panel Interview 17m ©AFTRS Peter Giles Director Digital Media AFTRS in conversation with Jim Shomos, Mark Strong and Kit Devine (AFTRS CG Animation Lecturer)

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Original seminar link – All video and audio below recorded at the AFTRS Theatre May 2009. Machinima is a dynamic new form of storytelling that will be explored in a seminar and interactive workshop at AFTRS this week. This unique event will feature leading international experts speaking about the exciting future of this new form which utilises games and virtual worlds as new tools of filmmaking.

A quick ‘tour of tools’ machinima created in only 3 hours using wowmodelviewer as part of the intro presentation, featuring @SilkCharm character and voice over.

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Sep 222008

A presentation by Chris Edwards, CEO of LA based Third Floor to the Visual Effects Society in Sydney on 5th June 2008

Third FloorA special released talk related to three new courses AFTRS are offering in 2008 featuring Previsualisation elements – Animation Directing, Games and Virtual Worlds.

This is a podcast of a talk Chris gave in Sydney on the 5th June 2008 for the local chapter of the Visual Effects Society. Chris’s visit to Australia was sponsored by Omnilab and Framework and he spoke to Australian games development, visual effects and animation companies during his visit.
Previsualisation is a hotly contested area at the moment particularly between Visual Effects supervisors, Cinematographers, Directors and Production Designers.

“Previs is a win win for directors and producers – it is one of those few things, it helps artistically and it simultaneously saves money. It also helps directors convey their vision to their entire cast and crew…it can also be used to enable endeavours that would have normally been too impossibly complicated to tackle and lastly previs can be used to raise money to for films that have yet to be greenlit”

“I feel the future is more a ‘multi-player’ experience of creating things (the not too distant future either).  I think what you want to have is software that will allow you to log in as a user and then the director can log in – I imagine he’d be a bit bigger of an icon or something  – and you could literally, if you’re playing Halo with your friends – you could have a guy drive the truck and someone else driving the camera and then having extras out there and then people in the back room actually set dressing behind the scenes. I think it’s definitely going to happen.”

CHRIS EDWARDS – CEO of Third Floor Studios

Chris Edwards is the CEO of Third Floor, an LA company who specialises in pre-visualistion for feature films, commercials and games cinematics. Third Floor completed extensive previsualation work on Cloverfield and the Narnia movies in addition to games cinematics for Lair and Resident Evil 5.

Chris studied at Film School and went to work for Disney on animated projects including ‘Dinosaur’. He went to work at Skywalker ranch on the previs teams that worked up the Starwars Prequel features before setting up Third Floor.

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