Jan 212010

As we ended the last decade we were collating/archiving assets from the LAMP site and think it important to recognise the people that made LAMP the Australian icon in effective emerging media development.

Many of the mentors and participants were beginning their own journey on these workshops and residentials and are now leading the industry in Australia and abroad. We hope these ‘retrospective’ posts serve as a record for that which follows LAMP.

LAMP 2005-2009 was:

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Feb 172006

He reckons
Tagline: “Not settling for what’s expected.”
LAMP Lab: December 2005
Target platforms: TV, Broadband and Mobile
Project description: Jarrod has no idea what to do with his life and wants to share his story. The Jarrod reckons project is a fun and inspiring transmedia look at different ‘life dilemmas’ people have found themselves in at various ages by allowing viewers to share their stories of life’s tensions. The TV show is complemented by a broadband portal that allows viewers to see extended interviews, follow in the footsteps of Jarrods exploits and read and see other’s life troubles. The SMS element keeps people informed of Jarrods journeys and promotes the show and broadband segments.



Team: Allison Jess, Jarrod Pickford, Dale Smart, (Developer: Anthony Eden)
Guardian mentor: Catherine Gleeson

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