Jan 212010

As we ended the last decade we were collating/archiving assets from the LAMP site and think it important to recognise the people that made LAMP the Australian icon in effective emerging media development.

Many of the mentors and participants were beginning their own journey on these workshops and residentials and are now leading the industry in Australia and abroad. We hope these ‘retrospective’ posts serve as a record for that which follows LAMP.

LAMP 2005-2009 was:

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Jul 022007

Project description: You are your own adventure. A new web-based writing game in which the participants develop their own take on the mystery story that they are presented with.

Tell Tales

Tell Tales

Tell Tales

Tell Tales

Team Members
Bernard Cohen, Daniel Ormella and Natalie Kershaw
Guardian Mentor: John Buchanan
LAMP Lab: June 2007
Target media: Broadband PC

Apr 222007

Two international guests combined with solid Australian LAMP mentors deliver one of our strongest mentor teams yet. The current confirmed mentors on the 6th Live-in-lab (LAMP: Story of the Future) in Freycinet, Tasmania May 07 are (full bio details here):

Lisa Romano, Interactive Producer, ABC Innovation

Paul Bennun – Director, Broadcaster, Interactive Producer from the UK

Tony Walsh – Creative Developer, Writer and Consultant – Canada

John Buchanan – Entertainment Technology Professor and Researcher

Jim Shomos – Interaction Producer and Writer

Jackie Turnure – Non-linear Storyteller

Catherine Gleeson – Interaction Designer

Gary Hayes – Interaction Producer & Director LAMP@AFTRS

Peter Giles – Head of Digital Media AFTRS & Producer LAMP

Nov 102006

Project description: A unique cross-media exploration of urban art and street culture. Alongside short videos and documentaries the online element features a virtual city block. The audience can contribute by submitting street art or creating art with the online tools.

Urban 01

Urban 04

Urban 02

Urban 03

Urban 05

Urban Team

Team Members
Alicia Rackett – Producer/Creator
David Gurney – Creative Director/Writer
Graham Brown – Designer

Guardian mentor/s: John Buchanan
LAMP Lab: October 2006
Target media: Mobile 1-3G, Broadband, TV
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