Jan 212010

As we ended the last decade we were collating/archiving assets from the LAMP site and think it important to recognise the people that made LAMP the Australian icon in effective emerging media development.

Many of the mentors and participants were beginning their own journey on these workshops and residentials and are now leading the industry in Australia and abroad. We hope these ‘retrospective’ posts serve as a record for that which follows LAMP.

LAMP 2005-2009 was:

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Mar 112008

LAMP Lab: Marysville, Victoria, February 2008

Title: podscape – NZ

Tagline: You’re in the band

Project Description: Social virtual world networking where ‘Your in the Band’, a revolutionary new way to interact with friends and strangers alike. Patent pending.

Target Media: Web, Virtual World, Mobile, Locative

LAMP VIII Marysville

LAMP VIII Marysville

LAMP VIII Marysville

Team Members:

  • Chris White – Creator/Producer
  • Kentaro Yarrada – Designer

Guardian Mentor/s: Catherine Gleeson

Copyright: 2008 Patent Pending