Dec 112007

Title: Wild Ark – VIC

Tagline: Alice in Wonderland meets Noah’s Ark: A journey through the wild habitats of the globe that begins in the palm of your hand and inspires you to act!

Project Description: Wild Ark is a multi-platform wildlife experience that transcends the zoo walls. At the zoo, kids set out on the Wild Ark discovery trail where they use mobile phones to follow clues. Along the way they encounter animals up close and discover their stories through short videos delivered to their phone. In Wild Ark online, they can plays games in habitats from the far reach of the globe, connect with other kids through animal clubs, share stories of their experiences and even adopt a real animal. Wild Ark also offers kids the rare opportunity to get behind the scenes and get local hands-on experience in real world conservation and wildlife programs. The Wild Ark world appeals to the sense of adventure inherent in kids, is fun and empowers kids to take action on issues they care about.

Target Media: Mobile, Location based interpretation, Web, Virtual Environments

LAMP VII Couran Cove

LAMP VII Couran Cove

LAMP VII Couran Cove

LAMP VII Couran Cove

LAMP VII Couran Cove

LAMP VII Couran Cove

Team Members ©: Writer/ Producer Shoni Ellis, Writer Nicole Hayes, Designer Kate Riedel. Strict COPYRIGHT 2007

Guardian Mentor: Jennifer Wilson

LAMP Lab: Couran Cove, Queensland, November 2007

Dec 052007

Title: ALT + Control – NSW

Tagline: Obsession with who we could be

Project Description: ALT Control is an Alternative Identity Game (AIG) site in which participants can actively construct multiple identities creating the story of their own future. The first seeded project within this framework, Miranda, is a compelling online viral collaborative documentary. ALT Control harnesses our obsession with social networking and identity construction.

Target Media: Broadband PC, Mobile Phones, Locative, Virtual Worlds and TV
LAMP VII Couran Cove

LAMP VII Couran Cove

LAMP VII Couran Cove

LAMP VII Couran Cove

LAMP VII Couran Cove

Team Members ©: Writer Cristyn Davies, Writer Elena Knox, Designer Sarah Waterson. Strict COPYRIGHT 2007

Guardian Mentor: Gary Hayes

LAMP Lab: Couran Cove, Queensland, November 2007

Dec 052007

Title: Black Creek – VIC

Tagline: Choose your friends carefully.

Project Description: One girl embarks on a quest to discover the truth behind the camp legend of a missing teenager. Black Creek takes a thrilling ride into the imagination of Stefanie and her friends as they experience their first high school camp together. Without their parents and the security of home, they have to work together as they come face to face with the very adult world of danger, mystery and the dark unknown.
An interactive short format mystery series that taps into the intrigue of camp legends and myths. Black Creek recreates the excitement and adventure of attending camp and the thrills that come from the scary tales told.

Target Media: Broadcast Television, Broadband PC, Mobile Phones, and other Portable Devices

LAMP VII Couran Cove

LAMP VII Couran Cove

LAMP VII Couran Cove

LAMP VII Couran Cove

LAMP VII Couran Cove

LAMP VII Couran Cove

Team Members ©: Writer/Creative Producer Raphael Sammut, Interaction Designer Keren Moran, Creative Director Kylie Robertson. Strict COPYRIGHT 2007

Guardian Mentor: Jackie Turnure

LAMP Lab: Couran Cove, Queensland, November 2007

Sep 242007

A stellar line-up of mentors from all over Australia and a few internationals have been confirmed for the 7th Live-in-lab (LAMP: Story of the Future) on South Stradbrooke Island, Queensland Nov 07. They can be seen on the mentors page or copied below.


MATT COSTELLO – Writer and Games Designer, Polar Productions
Matt CostelloMatt Costello is based in New York, London and LA and has written ground-breaking and award-winning novels, games, and television. Matt has scripted dozens of best-selling games and of one Time Magazine said, “The story is delivered with unusual art.” He wrote the groundbreaking Pirates of the Caribbean 3 game across all platforms and has been commissioned to do the fourth in the series.

Since writing the critically acclaimed classic game The 7th Guest, he has scripted dozens of best-selling games such as Shellshock-Nam ‘67 (Guerrilla Games and Eidos), Bad Boys 2 (Empire) and 2005’s Doom 3 winner of an unprecedented five awards at E3 including the Game Critics Award: Best of E3. Just Cause, co-written for Eidos, debuted as the #1 game for Xbox 360 in the UK. Named ‘Best Adventure Game’ at the 2006 E3, it premiered on the US best-seller lists as the #2 Xbox 360 game.

He has written a major new game for Eidos and Rage a new game for ID Software and other notable games include:

  • Hercules, for Disney Interactive
  • The Dark Half, for MGM.
  • Derelict, for The Sci-Fi Channel
  • Fatal Illusion -The Clue Chronicles – for Hasbro
  • Barbie’s Riding Adventure–for Mattel
  • Clifford’s Reading– for Scholastic
  • Starsky & Hutch – for Empire
  • The Italian Job – Eidos

Matt also specialises in the kid’s genre and has created many award-winning games for children. Several years ago he co-created one of the first major experiments in ‘two-way TV’, called ZoogDisney. Branded as ‘TV you do’ – for two years the ZoogDisney weekend bloc re-shaped the Disney channel, bringing it squarely into the interactive and ‘tweens world. He has written a kids book series for Scholastic , The Kids of Einstein Elementary, which blends adventure and math and also scripted episodes of the award-winning PBS animated series, Cyberchase. Other awards include the landmark Aladdin’s Mathquest with math expert Marilyn Burns for Disney, as well as A Cartoon History of the Universe (Putnam).

Matt is a designer of many role-playing and board games, including Dungeons and Dragons, Call of Cthulhu, Batman, Lone Wolf & Cub, and many others. He also co-wrote episodes of the BBC/Disney series Microsoap, winner of the Prix de Jeunesse and is currently creating an MMOG using Multiverse which integrates its story world with an animated Childrens BBC TV series. Penguin published his latest novel, Nowhere, in 2007.

JENNIFER WILSON – Head of Innovation, Nine MSN

Jennifer WilsonJennifer Wilson has over 20 years in interactive consumer content and information services, from first building interactive voice response systems in the UK, through voting, banking, gambling and marketing services; online and on all forms of telephone, fixed and mobile.

She was previously Managing Director of HWW, a specialist content aggregation, syndication and digital publishing company, which provides the yourTime™ products (yourMovies, yourTV etc). HWW is also a major developer of mobile sites, providing mobile publishing tools for hard-to-source content as well as building third-party mobile (and web) sites. HWW was recently purchased by ninemsn.

Jennifer holds a patent in the delivery of TV to mobile phones. She has a keen interest in social networking, digital public spaces, tribes, blogs and forums and the interesting digital world of Gen-C.

Dr. JOHN BANKS – Researcher & Games Manager

John BanksDr John Banks is a postdoctoral research fellow in the Federation Fellowship program, ARC Centre of Excellence for Creative Industries and Innovation, Queensland University of Technology. His research interests focus on the emerging relations between media corporations, educational and cultural institutions, and user-led innovation and consumer co-creation in participatory culture networks. He has a particular interest in videogames.

From 2000-2005 John worked in the videogames industry for Brisbane based Auran Games as an online community manager, focusing on the development of user-led content creation networks within the context of game development projects; he has published widely on research grounded in this industry background. He was also a researcher and project leader at the Australasian CRC for Interaction Design (ACID). His background also includes research and tutoring in literary theory and cultural studies at the University of Queensland (School of English, Media Studies and Art History).

John’s current research & consultancy continues to work at the interface of game developers and gamers as they negotiate emerging co-creation relations. He is currently working with Auran Games on social network strategies for their forthcoming massively multiplayer online game, Fury. In April 2007, John gave an invited presentation to the Convergence Culture Consortium, MIT, addressing the challenges of co-creation relationships (“Navigating Co-Creator Relationships: How do you make this Damned thing Work?”) You can see John’s recent presentation on these issues for AFTRS Centre for Screen Business (User co-creation relations: Emerging social network markets) here.

MARISSA COOKE – TV, new media and advertising writer, new media producer

Marissa has worked extensively in television, cross-platform entertainment and interactive advertising over the past 10 years as a writer, creative strategist and content producer on a diverse range of innovative, award-winning cross-media projects.

As a new media content producer and senior interactive writer for Australia’s first interactive television series produced by Hoodlum Active, Fat Cow Motel (ABC, Austar), Marissa was responsible for developing an immersive, cross-platform game and producing interactive content across web, iTV, email, mobile and dial-up channels that delivered unprecedented results for the ABC becoming the most visited TV website ever for ABC Online. Marissa also worked on an innovative pre-broadcast viral media campaign delivered via print, radio, email, SMS and web. Marissa won the inaugural Australian Writers’ Guild Interactive Media Award in 2005 for her work on Fat Cow Motel.

Marissa was also a scriptwriter on the AFI award-winning first series of the Foxtel drama series Love My Way  (Southern Star), as well as the Australian-German co-production Blue Water High (Southern Star) and the SBSTV Mockumentary Series, S(truth).

Marissa’s recent work includes roles as Interactive Content Producer and co-writer for the Yahoo! 7 interactive drama series and game, PS Trixi produced by Hoodlum Active – a world-first 12 episode new media ‘event’ delivered across web, Instant Messenger, email, mobile and video platforms.

Most recently, Marissa worked as creative strategist, concept and gameplay designer for Emmerdale Online, a new interactive, cross-platform channel and narrative-based game produced by Hoodlum Active for the hugely popular UK television series, Emmerdale. Emmerdale Online has recently been nominated for several prestigous international awards including Best Drama in the MIPCOM Mobile, Internet and CrossMedia TV Awards, and Best TV online channel for the 2007 Pixel Awards.

Marissa is currently developing several of her own cross-platform projects as well as consulting for a range of clients including television programme producers and award winning interactive advertising agency Tribal DDB as a digital content developer and copywriter across campaigns for Volkswagen, NIKE, Gatorade and McDonalds, three of which were awarded Gold Medals at the prestigious Montruex International Advertising & Multimedia Festival in 2006 & 2007.

ANDREW APOSTOLA – Creative Director Portable Content

Andrew ApostolaAndrew Apostola is the co-founder and Creative Director of Portable Content, an Australian based digital studio that designs and manages innovative web applications for a range of clients in the online space.

In 2006 the company successfully launched, a user generated video site that distributes video to users through portable video platforms including iPods, mobile phones and laptops. In 2007 the project expanded internationally and was recently launched in the United States at the South By South-West Film and Interactive in Austin Texas.

Andrew has worked for a range of broadcasters and media providers and is well known for successfully launching the Student Youth Network alongside Portable Content co-founder Simon Goodich in Melbourne in 2003. The network is the largest youth media orgnanisation in South-East Asia, operating a full-time terrestrial radio license and broadcasting on television and the web.

As Creative Director of Portable Content Andrew follows the emerging online video sector closely and develops and implements innovative video components for the company and its clients. These include the creation of classnet, a video sharing community for educators and students and, an online distribution platform for independent mediamakers.

Andrew has completed a Bachelor of Arts in Media Studies at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT), a Post Graduate Diploma in English Literature at the University of Melbourne and Film and Television Production at Ryerson University in Toronto.

ANTHONY EDEN – Interactive Producer and Designer

Anthony EdenAnthony “Arse” Eden is a co-founder and director of Snepo Research, an Australian software and game development studio with a strong focus on innovation. Arse spends his time at Snepo researching new interface and software technologies as well as directing the production of public facing interactive systems. Over the last two years Snepo has cemented its place as a premier development shop, servicing customers all over the world.

Arse has co-authored books on software development and digital creativity, including New Masters of Flash and titles on 3D and Game development. He’s developed award winning educational software for Microsoft and the ICAC and his work has appeared on NBC, CBC and Channel 4. He’s run interactive game development workshops in Norway, Wales and Canada. He’s also an internationally known speaker, having presented at conferences all over the world.

His passions lie in the application of abstract mathmatic principals to the digital realm. By combinding those principals with his fascination with natural patterns and organic relationships he creates truely unique and engaging interactive experiences.

JACKIE TURNURE – Non-linear storyteller

Jackie TurnureWith script editing and writing experience in both traditional and new media, Jackie Turnure brings a unique perspective to the role of narrative in cross media production. For the last 15 years she has been working across film, television, games and online production, with a particular focus on animation and children’s content.

Jackie received her Bachelor of Arts (Visual Communications) from Sydney College of the Arts and her Master of Fine Arts (Film Production) from San Francisco State University. She spent nine years in the US teaching screenwriting at New York University, Hunter College and the Academy of Arts College, San Francisco. During that time, Jackie wrote and directed eight short films and videos that have won awards and screened internationally.

After returning to Sydney, Jackie produced and directed three 3D animated kids’ games for PC, “Bananas in Pyjamas ” It’s Party Time”, “Oz – The Magical Adventure” and “Oz – The Interactive Storybook”. The games have won numerous awards and been distributed in 18 countries. Jackie lectures part time at AFTRS, was an industry mentor at the NSW Film and Television Office’s Indigenous Writers Workshop, ran a Game Design Workshop in FTI in Perth and gave a workshop on Alternative Narratives for the Australian Writer’s Guild. In addition, Jackie works as a script editor and story consultant on feature films, animated television series and animated games. She recently completed story producing and writing 3 episodes on Deadly, a half hour animated TV series based on the books by Paul Jennings and Morris Gleitzman. Jackie was the script editor and voice director on Stolen Life, an animated feature produced in Machinima, written and produced by Peter Rasmussen. She has just recently won a development award at Milia 2007 from Ogilvy and AMEX for her ARG project ‘Diamond Reef’.

GARY HAYES – Director LAMP and Head of Virtual Worlds, TPF

Gary Hayes

Gary is the Director of LAMP and the Head of Virtual Worlds with the UK ‘The Project Factory‘. He has led The Laboratory for Advanced Media Production at AFTRS since 2005 that has helped develop 54 Australian emerging media projects and run hundreds of workshops and industry seminars. As Head of Virtual Worlds at the Project Factory he has personally produced, designed and built Second Life presences for Australian brands, including Telstra, Tourism and MultiMedia Victoria, Physical TV and ABC TV. He is currently developing experience worlds for fortune 100 and other global companies.

Before coming to Australia Gary was Senior Producer at BBC Broadcast and New Media for 8 years devising and producing many of the BBC’s digital “firsts” – the first 24/7 Interactive TV service, the first live internet documentary and the first truly interactive programming for Broadband TV. He also created over 20 other enhanced TV shows, several future BBC cross-platform navigators and was part of BBC Imagineering developing early “inhabited TV”, Virtual World and TV Mixed Reality formats.

He was a driving force behind New Media training and strategy and became BBC Senior Development Manager in New Media and simultaneously chaired the Business Models for TV-Anytime (the global personalized TV standard). He moved to the US in 2004 to develop on-demand TV with broadcasters such as NBC and CBS and also line produced the Showtime’s enhanced L-Word, PVR service as part of the AFI initiative. He recently co-authored a UK Department Trade and Industry Report on Personalised TV and has been an International Interactive Emmy juror for the past two years.

Gary recently keynoted on virtual worlds at CeBit, AIMIA, Monash and presented on education and brands in virtual worlds on radio, podcasts and many seminars. He produces dramatic and corporate machinima and runs workshops in virtual Multi User Story Environments (vMUSE’s) for cinematographers, designers, and script writers – exploring the potential of shared, social online virtual worlds for collaborative production, creativity and education. He runs several popular blogs including media personalisation, digital brands, new media forms (personalizemedia), Second Life POV (justvirtual) and many others found here on his Wikipedia user profile.


CATHERINE GLEESON – Interaction Designer

Catherine GleesonCatherine has been working as a Creative Director in print and new media since 1988. She has extensive experience in information design and visual communication. Her projects include: creative direction of visitor multimedia for the National Gallery of Victoria’s (NGV), Centre for Australian Art at Federation Square.

Past work includes consultation, creative direction and design on local and international projects for clients such as: the National Geographic (Washington); the Smithsonian Institute (Washington); the American Museum of Natural History (New York); Foster’s Brewing Group; Lonely Planet and ANZ.

Through her company Platform09, Catherine also maintains a separate creative practice. Past projects have included: collaborative, installation work for Experimental; motion graphics, animation and multimedia design for theatre, film and video.

PETER GILES – Head of Digital Media AFTRS & Producer LAMP

Peter GilesPeter has worked as the Head of the Digital Media Department since 1998 and has established Australia’s leading postgraduate and professional programs in Visual Effects, Interactive Media, Broadcast Design and Computer Animation. The Department has produced short films that have won both Australian and international awards for artistic and technical excellence.

Prior to joining the AFTRS Peter worked as Digital Media Manager for Metro Screen where he initiated programs to develop the skills of new and emerging filmmakers. He managed a wide range of innovative production workshops in partnership with organisations including the Loud Youth Festival, IBM, the Australian Film Commission, the NSW Film and Television Office, ABC Online, SBS TV, the Performance Space, the Australian Centre for Photography and the Australian Network for Art and Technology.

Peter has developed digital media curriculum and taught workshops at the University of Sydney, the University of Technology, Sydney, Griffith University and the Queensland University of Technology in Brisbane.

Over the past 15 years Peter has produced projects for radio, television, film and interactive media. His video artwork has been exhibited at the Museum of Modern Art in New York, the Museum of Contemporary Art in Sydney and the Institute of Contemporary Art in London. Peter is a well known commentator on digital media and is currently the Chair of the Sydney Chapter of ACM SIGGRAPH, the leading computer graphics industry body.


Nov 102006

Project description: The city is a playground in which players use their mobile phones and other portable devices to receive cryptic rich media clues via SMS, voicemail, podcasts, video downloads, and a dedicated website. These clues give rise to an interactive treasure hunt that can also be played out simultaneously in an identical virtual world.

City 04

City 06

City 10

City 05

City 03

City Team

Team Members
David Bartolo – Producer/Director/Designer
Michael Sarroff – Writer/Producer/Designer

Guardian mentor/s: Jennifer Wilson, Peter Giles
LAMP Lab: October 2006
Target media: Mobile 1-3G, Broadband, Vod/Podcasts, Virtual Worlds, TV
David Bartolo and Michael Sarroff © 2006

Oct 112006

The eight projects have been selected and confirmed for the next LAMP residential in Tasmania. We had an overwhelming response and the ten selectors were extremely impressed with the high quality of all thirty four entries. Below are brief descriptions of the projects in no particular order…

  • Mash-up TV
    An exciting comedy show broadcast live from inside a virtual world. Aimed at 18-26 year olds this service will allow viewers to appear on TV as their 3D avatars and also submit mashed-up video, music, chat and games.
  • Urban Anarchy
    A unique cross-media exploration of urban art and street culture. Alongside short videos and documentaries the online element features a virtual city block. The audience can contribute by submitting street art via mobile phones or creating art with the online tools.
  • The Deep Sleep
    The Deep Sleep is an animated neo-noir that allows a 15-30 year old audience to be part of the action. Searching for clues across interactive town maps, fictional websites, podcasts, enigmatic SMS’s and clues hidden inside the animations themselves, the audience try to uncover a range of mysteries.
  • Sold in Sixty Seconds
    Sick of fake, annoying, over-hyped commercials? Sold in Sixty Seconds is a revolutionary competition for consumers to capture, create and communicate a better ad for a leading brand. A completely participatory event that unleashes and rewards the best of user generated content whilst celebrating the history of advertising around the world.
  • City Games
    The City is a playground in which players use their mobile phones and other portable devices to take part in an interactive treasure hunt. Clues will be dropped into a weekly TV spot, podcasts, SMS and on a dedicated website.
  • Outside the Box
    How hard is it to find a copy of the documentary that everyone is talking about? Or to access a classic one from the past? Outside the Box is a new on-demand broadband service for downloading Australian documentaries. A portal where the public can find out about community screenings and social action; converse online with film-makers; and access the “making-of” and other behind-the-scenes information. The film library will range from documentaries made for TV broadcast and cinema to those outside the mainstream square.
  • The Abbey
    Ever wanted to really know what it is to be a nun inside an Abbey? This service runs in parallel with ABC TV’s The Abbey series and allows the audience to enter a virtual monastery to mingle with other spiritual seekers, chat, build, farm, pray and meditate.
  • Shorts
    Based around 3 minute cross-artform and digital performances, Shorts is a way that 14-30 year olds can take part in a virtual mobile festival. Participants are encouraged to make short performance pieces on their mobile video phones acting as both reviewer and reviewee.

The final list of mentors for this lab are also listed on the mentors main page. The participants and associated companies will be revealed on the residential follow-up projects pages.

May 152006

Tagline: “Online community for young people who are interested in the future”
LAMP Lab: May 2006
Target platforms: Broadband TV/PC and Mobile
Project description: Global Youth Futures (GYF) is an online community for young people who are interested in the future. It is a website containing an interactive parliament for discussing World issues that affect the future, an art gallery for futures expression and an education space with information on the future (containing future tools and strategies). It is also a broadband TV panel show run by the GYF community with young people video phoning in direct to experts and other young people across the world. The community will also play alternate reality games, running in both the real world and online, now and in the future. The community keeps together by mobile phones, ipods, PSPs, PCs, phones, and webcams.








Team Members
Janine Cahill – Project Sponsor
Elizabeth Cahill – Project Manager
Jack Condon – Web Development
Guardian mentor: David Gurney
© Change Paths Pty Ltd 2006

Oct 192005

A pre-school parental led reading and simple games service
Tagline: “Words and games for pre-literate children with their parents”
Company: Ariel Productions
Target platforms: TV, Broadband and interactive TV/Interactive TV, online, mobile screens, DVD
LAMP Lab: October 2005
Project description: Read with me, play with me is an electronic picture-book series based on the adventures of Poppy, Matilda and Mu-Mu the cat. Written for pre-literate children from 2 to 5 years old, the stories are interactive, engaging and developed for learning through play. The TV series is designed so that parents can sit with their children and navigate a simple interactive TV application. There are a range of wall-papers and simple videos that can be delivered to mobile phones so parents can share elements of the stories with their children, whilst on the move.

Poppy, Matilda and Mu-Mu the cat

Team: Christine Sweeney, Troy Bellchambers, David Phillips
Guardian mentor: Peter Giles

Poppy, Matilda and Mu-Mu the cat

© Ariel Productions 2005

Oct 182005

South Australian film and digital media practitioners have banded together to create the Cross Platform Producers Group (CPPG).

Comprised of emerging and established producers who work across screen media platforms, the Group has come together to strengthen networks and help build a thriving screen media industry in South Australia.
With the rapid take-up of broadband, digital tv and other new media in Australia, the Group recognise that it is important to stay ahead of new advances in technology.
Emerging and new media allow for innovative approaches to developing both drama and documentary programs and South Australian practitioners are exploring how to develop interactive content for delivery via internet, television, cinema and mobile phones.

The Group was inspired to form after meeting earlier in 2005 with Adelaide Thinker in Residence Peter Wintonick. A major figure in the digital documentary arena, Wintonick has inspired a new generation of digital media filmmakers.
The Cross Platform Producers Group will share information, skills, opportunities and ideas. It will consolidate and develop networks with national and international bodies and work to raise the profile of SA based creative practitioners and producers.
The Group believe that the heartbeat of any successful screen industry is the local producers and will lobby that the state funds in screen production are focussed on local producers. They are taking a cue from successful models from Canada – where smaller states such as Nova Scotia have flourishing film and cross platform industries.
The Cross Platform Producers Group will ensure that South Australian creative producers stay in touch and informed and make the most of the exciting and rapidly evolving field of digital and interactive

Cross Platform Producers Group – we make stuff. Now!!
For further information email