Nov 172009

Australia’s leading screen conference, run by SPAA, is in Sydney this week and many multi-platform folk associated with LAMP & AFTRS in the past are in force with a record number of panels and sessions. The heavily featured 360 Media (and by implication Social Media) track sits nicely in the theme of this years conference ‘Reaching Your Audience’. LAMP’s Gary Hayes is listed as a key advisor to this years event and the following are a taste of some of the great sessions worth checking out. Lots more detail on the downloadable PDF on the SPAA Conference site.

The sessions below are the LAMP best 360, multi platform picks for the 3 days

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Mar 262008

Last year LAMP helped SBS, Change the World and Film Australia by work-shopping some cross-media, social networking ideas around the short films commissioned for the project. They are asking for contributions on the Earth Hour theme and asked us to post this.
The Change The World in 5 Minutes project is is encouraging one and all to

TUNE IN & TURN OFF – – YOUR LIGHTS – – this SATURDAY 29th March at 8pm

And if you do you could win a set of 5 DVDs from Film Australia.

To be in the running for the DVDs all you have to do is log in to the Change The World in 5 Minutes website  and let them know your thoughts on Earth Hour.

We want to hear your answers on any of the following (it’s up to you – answer just one – or all three questions)

  1. What Earth Hour means to you
  2. How you plan to spend Earth Hour
  3. Your ideas about changing the world by reducing energy consumption

The DVD sets will be given to the best entries received before the closing date of  Thursday April 3rd.

Contributions can be made by individuals or groups and can take any of the following forms: UPLOAD PHOTOS or VIDEO Why not record a mobile or video clip about reducing energy consumption and tell us how you participated in Earth Hour? Start or join one of our Earth Hour BLOGS

All competition details at

And to get you started here are some inspirations we’ve found around the web for ways to spend EARTH HOUR 2008

  • Champagne by Candlelight
  • Gaze up at stars
  • Listen to the bird and the bees.
  • Make music.
  • Break out the old ouija board
  • Get physical Go Camping

Change the World in 5 Minutes is a partnership between Film Australia, AFTRS, FTO, SBS, We Are What We Do

May 152006

Tagline: “Australian Indigenous new media hub”
LAMP Lab: May 2006
Target platforms: TV, mobile and Broadband PC/TV
Project description: The Bush TV global broadband portal will create serious online media and production enterprise opportunities for Indigenous content producers, complimenting our already nationally established BUSH TV series on SBS and ABC. Target platforms are Broadband linear to TV, radio and print and a new broadband TV and IPTV channel.

There are as yet no national indigenous media content producers riding the convergence wave. We recognize this as a business opportunity and intend to have branded digital channel streaming and on-demand content. There is also no distribution network for indigenous content. We see this site as an rich media, online portal with blogs, wikis, news, content, viral events and enterprise opportunities for budding indigenous content producers reaching out to a global audience.

We have a partnership with SBS new media which we want to exploit to our full advantage. With the emergence of the NITV – National Indigenous TV network, we want to make sure we can provide an excellent online service for this network’s presence and ongoing viability. BUSH TV seeks to become the indigenous media brand that producers and broadcasters alike recognize as authentic, entertaining and informative. Our brand is about building indigenous media enterprise opportunities and bridging the ‘race’ gap.



Team Members
Tom Hearn – Executive Producer
EJ Garrett – Producer
Nik Lachajckzak – Graphic Designer
Guardian mentor: Catherine Gleeson
© Bush TV 2006