Jan 212010

As we ended the last decade we were collating/archiving assets from the LAMP site and think it important to recognise the people that made LAMP the Australian icon in effective emerging media development.

Many of the mentors and participants were beginning their own journey on these workshops and residentials and are now leading the industry in Australia and abroad. We hope these ‘retrospective’ posts serve as a record for that which follows LAMP.

LAMP 2005-2009 was:

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Oct 192005

A pre-school parental led reading and simple games service
Tagline: “Words and games for pre-literate children with their parents”
Company: Ariel Productions
Target platforms: TV, Broadband and interactive TV/Interactive TV, online, mobile screens, DVD
LAMP Lab: October 2005
Project description: Read with me, play with me is an electronic picture-book series based on the adventures of Poppy, Matilda and Mu-Mu the cat. Written for pre-literate children from 2 to 5 years old, the stories are interactive, engaging and developed for learning through play. The TV series is designed so that parents can sit with their children and navigate a simple interactive TV application. There are a range of wall-papers and simple videos that can be delivered to mobile phones so parents can share elements of the stories with their children, whilst on the move.

Poppy, Matilda and Mu-Mu the cat

Team: Christine Sweeney, Troy Bellchambers, David Phillips
Guardian mentor: Peter Giles

Poppy, Matilda and Mu-Mu the cat

© Ariel Productions 2005