Jan 212010

As we ended the last decade we were collating/archiving assets from the LAMP site and think it important to recognise the people that made LAMP the Australian icon in effective emerging media development.

Many of the mentors and participants were beginning their own journey on these workshops and residentials and are now leading the industry in Australia and abroad. We hope these ‘retrospective’ posts serve as a record for that which follows LAMP.

LAMP 2005-2009 was:

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Nov 172009

Australia’s leading screen conference, run by SPAA, is in Sydney this week and many multi-platform folk associated with LAMP & AFTRS in the past are in force with a record number of panels and sessions. The heavily featured 360 Media (and by implication Social Media) track sits nicely in the theme of this years conference ‘Reaching Your Audience’. LAMP’s Gary Hayes is listed as a key advisor to this years event and the following are a taste of some of the great sessions worth checking out. Lots more detail on the downloadable PDF on the SPAA Conference site.

The sessions below are the LAMP best 360, multi platform picks for the 3 days

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Nov 042009

It is always hard to decide on a good video sharing network for longer format material as YouTube &  many others have time and quality limitations. LAMP has put up its videos via iTunes store since 2005 as well as running a JWPlayer on it’s own virtual server. So we also just started an AFTRSTalks channel on Vimeo where seminars, lectures, interviews etc: will be uploaded. Here is the first  batch from LAMP across a few recent seminars or interviews (at least 15 more to be added shortly to this gallery!).

The Game of Writing Games with Matt Costello from AFTRSTalks on Vimeo.

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Jul 162009


All video and audio below recorded at the AFTRS Theatre March 2009. LAMP pod and vodcasts are published through iTunes – click on the icon on the right if you have iTunes to subscribe now!

FOUR SEMINAR VIDEOS – Click the skip arrows to move between presentations

  1. SOCIALIZED TV 2.0 – 17m © Gary Hayes Director LAMP @ AFTRS and CCO of MUVEDesign (slideshares here)
  2. MULTIPLATFORM TV – 12m (abridged) – © ABCTV Arul Baskaran (Executive Producer ABC TV Multiplatform)
  3. IPTV FUTURES – 20m © William Cooper Head of Informitv (live Skype video interview with Gary Hayes)
  4. TV INNOVATION -15m (abridged) – Chris Winter (ABC Innovation)

[pro-player width=’480′ height=’252′ type=’mp4′]http://storylabs.us/lamp/podcast/lssm_tv2_gary.mp4,http://storylabs.us/lamp/podcast/lssm_tv2_arul.mp4,http://storylabs.us/lamp/podcast/lssm_tv2_william.mp4,http://storylabs.us/lamp/podcast/lssm_tv2_chris.mp4[/pro-player]

Original seminar link – TV is in major transition. Where are the opportunities across on-demand platforms? Is the old advertising model broken? Will broadband to set top box comfortably co-exist with video on the web? Help prepare you for big changes just on the horizon. Innovations across broadband TV and IPTV. New advertising models and latest video web 2.0 mashups. Is IPTV a valid platform for video producers? The evolving role of public service broadcaster and online video distribution ABC new developments including iView, Google Earth TV & programme related services such as Gruen Transfer How online video will become more personalized Is audience contributed online content sustainable at scale? What does the future hold?

AUDIO ONLY VERSIONS OF ABOVE – Click the skip arrows to move between presentations

[pro-player  width=’480′ height=’52’ type=’mp3′]http://storylabs.us/lamp/podcast/lsmp3_tv2_gary.mp3,http://storylabs.us/lamp/podcast/lsmp3_tv2_arul.mp3,http://storylabs.us/lamp/podcast/lsmp3_tv2_william.mp3,http://storylabs.us/lamp/podcast/lsmp3_tv2_chris.mp3[/pro-player]


This podcast presentation by LAMP @ AFTRS.

  • Video & audio recorded by AFTRS Post-production & Digital Dept
  • Pod and vodcast editing, encoding, tagging & publishing by Gary Hayes
Nov 102006

Project description: An exciting comedy show broadcast live from inside a virtual world. In World will allow viewers to appear on TV as their 3D avatars and also submit mashed-up video, music, chat and games.

Inworld 01

Inworld 05

Inworld 08

Inworld 02

Inworld team01
Inworld team02

Team Members
Arul Baskaran – Producer
Adam Nash – Designer
Lisa Dethridge – Writer

Guardian mentor/s: Gary Hayes
LAMP Lab: October 2006
Target media: Mobile, Broadband, Virtual World, Pod/Vodcast, TV
IconInc © 2006

Feb 152006

A fast, funny, furious ride through musical history
Tagline: “Don’t just answer the quiz be one of the questions!”
LAMP Lab: December 2005
Target platforms: TV, Broadband and Mobile
Project description: Spicks and Specks interactive proposes fun and exciting new ways for audiences to engage with the hit music trivia TV show. The online presence invites viewers to jump into the action from their living rooms. Viewers can play an online multiplayer trivia game which is voiced by presenters from the TV show. They are invited to contribute their own audio, video and text content, all of which can appear on the TV program. Mobile trivia games and alerts as well as video podcasts allow Spicks fans to play Spicks on the move or to catch up with missed programs their ipods, PSPs or preferred mobile devices.



Team: Arul Baskaran, Tali Ga-lon, Marea Markou, Matt Booy
Guardian mentor:David Gurney

© ABC TV Australia 2005

Feb 032006

Interactive journey through Australia�s Garden and Gardeners
Tagline: “Bloomin’ marvellous gardening advice”
LAMP Lab: December 2005
Target platforms: TV, Broadband and Mobile
Project description: This project extends the Gardening Australia program by creating online, mobile and iTV components to make Gardening Australia the leading destination for gardening reference information. The prototype allows viewers to access the show’s rich media archives of past programs, exchange information with other gardening enthusiasts and look up plant related information. Prototyped features included a searchable video and text archive, an online plant lookup database (also accessible via mobile devices), community features including a gardening wiki and a map based “your garden” gallery, an iTV layer for digital platforms, and on the lighter side, a “botanogotchi” virtual plant.



Team: Tim Mitchell, Arul Baskaran, Jonathan Mo, Geoff Pack
Guardian mentor: Peter Giles

� ABC TV Australia 2005