Jun 132012

This archive site is home to hundreds of projects and participants, links to hundreds of talks and slide presentations, bios of mentors and speakers who have gone onto greater things. Three years after LAMP was shut down it is a permanent memory of the legacy of Australia’s Laboratory for Advanced Media Production run through the Australian Film TV and Radio school that lives on in the methodologies of many multiplatform courses, labs & events run around the country and globally. A final word from the Australian Government via this presentation

Building a Creative Innovation Economy, A Cultural Ministers Council report from February of 2010.

The creative sector must engage with the community to ensure ongoing support and survival in a global environment where there is increasing competition for consumers’ disposable time and dollars from an ever-expanding choice of leisure services and products. In this sense, user created content on social media web services such as YouTube and MySpace can be seen as competition for cultural audiences’ attention.

The Australian Film, Television and Radio School’s Laboratory of Advanced Media Production (LAMP) is another example of an innovative approach to training. The program enables the conception and development of multimedia content and services in a live-in setting, facilitating collaboration between project teams and mentors. The four stage process equips participants with the tools they need to create compelling interactive content that meets the needs of their audiences and marketplaces. LAMP offers participants a healthy mix of creativity, business awareness, technical skills and audience awareness.”

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