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Jim Shomos, innovative Australian writer/producer and also LAMP mentor, is about to launch his latest collaboration Mordy Koots, on an unsuspecting public.

Gary blogged about the project last month & prior to their shoot in a post entitled Thumbs-up for Aussie innovation live action film-in-game looking at Mordy as a new genre, other examples and what it may mean for indie producers. globally.  Jim just sent us this press release which details the screen launches in November, the production process and a teaser of some cool guest appearances…

Australia‟s most famous brothers, the Jacobson‟s, this week wrapped shooting for their groundbreaking new comedy series, Mordy Koots which will be launched on November 16 at Sydney‟s Popcorn Taxi. The 10×3 minute series will be available to download for free from ninemsn. Popcorn Taxi will screen all 10 episodes followed by a Q&A with Clayton and Shane Jacobson.

Created, written and directed by Clayton Jacobson (Kenny) and starring Shane Jacobson (Kenny, Charlie & Boots). Mordy Koots is a character driven comedy series that follows the comedic adventures of Mordy, an American WW2 air force pilot who has a high opinion of himself as a hero, but in reality mostly stumbles through the war – any success he has is usually by accident rather than talent. Each episode features guest appearances, including Damian Walsh-Howling (Secret Life of Us, Underbelly), Rob Carlton (Chandon Pictures), Rob Taylor (Matrix, Rogue), Fiona Harris (Comedy Inc, Skithouse), Jason Gann (Wilfred, The Wedge) and Terry Camilleri (Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure).

Producer Jim Shomos said “it was a fun shoot and inspiring watching the way Clayton worked differently with every guest actor. He just knew how to get the best from each one of them… and they all delivered terrific performances. Shane carried a heavy load and was amazing. He‟s such a likeable guy; it‟s easy to forget what a talented actor he is.”

Mordy Koots delivers a unique look and original snack-sized entertainment built around the endearing – and soon to be legendary – Mordy Koots. Women all over the world fall for him, but Mordy loves his plane and the sound of his name: “soon, even the wind will know my name…” *Introducing the world’s first MOGIE (Movie over Game Integrated Entertainment). While there are many projects that feature animated characters within a game world (Machinima) no project has set „real actors‟ within the graphics of a game. The live action performances were shot against a green screen and will feature the graphics of Ubisoft console games Heroes over Europe and Blazing Angels.

Popcorn Taxi – Monday 16 November 7pm Venue: Event Cinemas Bondi Junction, NSW | Tickets: $18 / $16 | Info: popcorntaxi.com.au

Novadose – Thursday 26 November, 7pm Venue: Cinema Nova, Lygon Street Carlton, VIC | Tickets: $11 | Info: cinemanova.com.au

For more information and updates, check out www.mordykoots.com

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