Dec 142007

Don’t Just Sit Around this Christmas Holidays –
the next LAMP residential is just around the corner

Have you got what it takes to apply?

We are looking for six to eight professional teams with groundbreaking new media ideas to attend our leading R&D production lab from Feb 24 -29, 2008.

Facilitated by the AFTRS, the Laboratory for Advanced Media Production (LAMP) has run hundreds of workshops, seminars and live-in-residentials and developed over 54 projects. LAMP assists production teams in developing innovative emerging media projects including Sharing Web 2.0 Services, Advanced TV, 360 Entertainment, Serious Games and Social Virtual Worlds.

Over our six day LAMP residential, you and internationally recognised industry mentors live and work together in a creative hothouse environment for five days straight.

What a privilege! We were challenged to reach for and achieve
far reaching goals but were also totally supported in the endeavour
by a united team of razor sharp professionals.

You will experience engaging presentations from world class practitioners, evolve the business, technical and creative aspects of your project, and create a dynamic visual proof of concept.

This was a highly productive, intensive session
whereby all outside distractions
were eliminated letting us focus solely on the job

At the end of the residential you are given the opportunity to present your visual proof of concept to a panel of media industry experts, gaining invaluable feedback, insight and advice. Past panels have included representatives from the ABC, Bigpond, NineMSN, yahoo7, SBS, the AFC, Film Victoria, NSWFTO PFTC, Alcatel, Southern Star and Nickelodeon.

I was transformed and uplifted with new confidence,
a new sense of possibility

Our residentials work because participants get to accelerate their ideas rapidly from concept development through to proof of concept while being challenged by a wide range of ideas relevant to the growing creative industries sector.

The next LAMP Residential is being held in collaboration with the New Zealand Screen Council and is set to take place Sun 24 February – Fri 29 February, 2008 in Victoria.

This has definitely been one of the best experiences of my life.

So get to work today on your application and getting a team together, so you don’t miss out being a part of the first LAMP residential for 2008.

Applications are open now and close on January 10, 2008
Go to to see criteria and download an application form today

We are happy to receive submissions to attend the next lab in the following areas.

  • Advanced TV – Projects that are targeted to local ‘OpenTV-like’ interactive TV over satellite and cable TV (Foxtel and Sky New Zealand) with a mobile phone component. These can include synchronous enhanced TV alongside the programming, simple casual games or multi stream formats
  • Social Virtual Worlds – Rich story based virtual worlds that can be built in existing large 3D social multi user environments like Second Life, Multiverse or These must have a strong community aspect and include co-creative elements.
  • 360 Entertainment – Cross-media, collaborative play services. Often called Extended Entertainment or Alternate Reality Games these will be strong narratives played out across many websites, mobile, physical locations, TV and print. Themes are usually investigative and draw audiences into complex scavenger hunts that blur the line between fact or fiction.
  • Serious Games – Specifically interested in rich gameplay on consoles, pc or mobile that delivers real learning. The range can be short form flash/sms type games that require brief periods of play spread over many weeks or continuous online games that involve collaboration with others in Massively Multiplayer Online Game (MMOG) environments.
  • Sharing Web 2.0 – Applications and services that draw together communities on web and mobile with the purpose of sharing and growing around a niche interest. This could be mash-ups of iconic web 2.0 services such as flickr, YouTube, Facebook or something completely new and original that will activate key interest groups.

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