Nov 242005

The Keynote address for ACM IE 2005, 23 November 2005, Sydney. By Mark Pesce with Angus Fraser
Mark PesceABSTRACT: The software design of the mobile telephone is poorly suited to its principle task, human social network management. The authors explore the evolving needs of the ‘swarm’ of network users, then speculatively redesign the mobile telephone as an active device, employing multiple communication modalities to radically improve the device’s ability to maintain and contribute to the user’s social network. Three use cases explore the user experience in a fully-realized system.
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Sydney 23rd November 2005
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Audio preparation by James Christopher Murty

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  1. […] Mark Pesce, famous for founding VRML but has done a stack since then, including being a fellow mentor at LAMP. Mark gave the keynote speech, The Telephone Repair Handbook, for the conference on mobile phones: their usability issues and potential social uses. In the style that Mark is renowned for, the presentation was delightful to the ear, so much so that I dubb mark a ’suited cyber poet’ (also due to his talks being more inspirational rather than academic or industry). The podcast is online, as well as the pdf. […]

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