Oct 262009

ian4Huge poisonous spiders lie ready to pounce as you carefully traverse a forest lit only by moonlight. This is one of the initiation rights you will face in One Night, a new game that has been prototyped by AFTRS lecturer Ian Brown using Unity3D software. He recently gave a presentation of the project at Gamejam09, the games pitch and demo event initiated by LAMP in 2008.

It took Ian about a month to create a level of One Night including the design of all the assets from scratch. He did modelling and texturing in Mudbox software, the animation in Maya and it was exported to Unity3D where all the gameplay was scripted in Javascript. Unity 3D is a multi platform tool and its relatively easy to create games for Mac, PC, web or iPhone.  There is a rapidly growing list of great games being created in Unity3D which you can find here.

You can see a gameplay capture of the One Night on our YouTube channel AFTRSgames or you can play through the prototype by downloading a zipped executable for Mac OSX or Windows.

For those interested in creating their own games like One Night,  AFTRS are running a Graduate Certificate in Games and Virtual Worlds in 2010 and we’re looking for visionaries who can create innovative games and rich immersive social virtual worlds.  Applications for the course close on November 1 2009 and more information is available here.

This is what some leading industry players are saying about AFTRS Games and Virtual Worlds courses:

In today’s world of games, the creation of new IP – that magical blend of story, gameplay, and killer concept – has never been more important. As the game business continues to grow offering new opportunities worldwide, the need for an exciting course on game design such at that offered by AFTRS is incredibly strong and clear. As a seedbed for creativity, innovation and the understanding of where we are and where we can go in the worlds of consoles, online and beyond, it’s an irreplaceable experience.   Matt Costello (Games writer Doom3, Pirates of the Carribean, The 7th Guest)

‘Games are becoming more cinematic while Film, TV & Radio campaigns comprise more engaging & interactive story elements. The twin arts of gameplay and storytelling grow more intertwined in the broader field of ‘experience design’. AFTRS offers unique insight into this bigger picture, with the opportunity to study and focus creativity at the intersection between play, storytelling, and virtual social worlds.’ Dan Graf – Dr D Studios, IGDA Sydney Chapter

Being “emergent systems” by their very nature, Games and Virtual Worlds are ever-growing industries – with new opportunities and challenges (even new Art Forms) for creative people emerging every day. A course like this will put you at the front of that curve. Joe Velikovsky Game Designer: JUMPER: Griffin’s Story, Looney Tunes: Acme Arsenal, IKON

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  1. Free Game Prototype from AFTRS “Surviving the Forest of Kellor” http://twurl.nl/rx7zz4

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  2. Escape spiders in a dark forest or create your own. Last chance to create games and virtual worlds with us http://bit.ly/2lcuHt

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